My friends over at Roomsurfer are allowing me to give away a free trip to Berlin. You probably haven’t heard about Roomsurfer yet, but with a pretty website and a lot of enthusiasm, it’s a travel company worth watching.

What’s Roomsurfer?

RoomsurferRoomsurfer is yet another accommodation website, but with a hipster twist. The website uses your Facebook profile to match you with a potential host in whichever city you’re looking to visit. So if you like a certain type of music, you’ll be connected with potential hosts with similar tastes. It’s a unique way to get to know new people. With airlines already using Facebook to match passengers with seatmates, social-media profiling (is that the right way to word it, I don’t know?!) is only going to increase in the travel industry. And Roomsurfer is on its way up.

It’s a lot like CouchSurfing, but with Roomsurfer you’re paying for a host. Whereas I may spend hours (or days) writing and trying to organize a host on CouchSurfing, Roomsurfer does all the hard work for you. Finding a potential host could finally be a lot easier!

Win the contest and you can meet beautiful Berliner hipsters like these trendy folks!

Win a weekend to Berlin

So to celebrate Roomsurfer’s upcoming launch party in Berlin, they’re inviting Supersurfers from all over Europe to a free trip to Berlin. You’ll get to spend the weekend with a Roomsurfer host, but perhaps most importantly, you’ll get to visit Europe’s coolest city. To enter the contest, all you need to do is leave a comment here on why you want to visit Berlin. Whether it’s currywurst (meh) or Berghain (awesome).

Oh, and you’ll want to get to Berlin quick because, according to this article, Berlin’s rep as a party/club town is quickly dying.

If you win the contest, you’ll be expected to travel to Berlin on the weekend of April 28-29 so you can attend the Roomsurfer launch party. And if it’s anything like their other parties, there will be plenty of free drinks. Use the form below to enter the contest.

Contest details

When: April 28-29
What: Free travel to Berlin for the Roomsurfer Launch Party (from one of these 100 European cities) & 1 night accommodation
How: Use the form below

Learn more about Roomsurfer on their blog & homepage

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  1. Interesting, I’d never heard of roomsurfer before, might have to check it out.

    Cheers Mate

  2. silvia

    wonderful idea!!

  3. Crystal

    I clicked to leave a comment, but hit “enter” before actually typing the comment. My bad. So here it is:

    I’m a cool Canadian girl living in France and I love to travel. I’ve only ever been to Cologne, in Germany, and I’d love to see more of what Germany has to offer. Berlin has been on my list of European cities to hit up for a while now. Plus discovering it with someone else sounds great and my husband totally wouldn’t care. He’s cool like that.

    I also have a weiner dog which is technically a “dachshund” so he’s technically German. I’m embarrassed to say the only German words I know are: dachshund, schnitzel, and Nazi, which are 3 words that will get me nowhere if I ever find myself lost in Germany and no one around speaks English. I’d likely end up with another dog, something to snack on, and a punch in the face.

    So please pick me for the trip! I’d love to do a post about it on my own blog. Also? I work part-time and am totally free that weekend.


  4. I’d love to go to Berlin and experience the food culture there. I’ve heard it is really international and that you can find some great cheap bites!

  5. Basically I just want to see as much of the world as I can and I’m going to take every opportunity to do so, hence entering this competition.

    PS your blog is great and has given me a serious case of wanderlust!

  6. Christine

    I am taking this year to travel..I have never been to Berlin and would love to go!

  7. Oh I want to go to Berlin so badly! The one time I got to go there for one day, I got an allergic reaction to a spider bite and all I saw was the inside of a hospital in Kreuzberg. Roomsurfer sounds neat! I have sent so many messages on Couchsurfing before. I love the concept of it and I really do love couchsurfing but it’s happened many times that I didn’t find someone to meet up with (or stay at their place). I’m wondering about prices for roomsurfer.

    Anyway, I’d love to be able to visit Berlin and see all of the sites! My parents lived there in the early 80s (just before I was born) and they had some of the best times of their lives there. I’d love to go back in time a bit and retrace their steps, show them what their old stomping grounds look like today!

  8. Leola

    I want to visit Berlin because IT IS my favorite city in Germany! I have been there briefly before and I feel madly in love. A serious one night stand experience! Everything about Berlin is so seductively charming (except the dog crap on the sidewalks). From the street side photo booths, to the charming old ladies, to the best late night parties I’ve ever experienced! Oh and let’s not forget CLUB MATE!!! I think I’d move to Berlin just for that drink alone! Please, reunite me with that wondrous city!

  9. I intended to spend a week in Berlin in 2010, but ended up visiting a friend in northern Germany almost the entire time. Would love to go back and see all that Berlin has to offer! Everyone always seems to enjoy the city :)

  10. Lily

    I’ve heard Berlin is a lot of fun!! A group of friends are going next month and I would love be able to to join them!!

  11. Angela warren

    I want to go to Berlin because my best friend lives there and raves about it!!

  12. ainaa

    I have never been to Berlin. I love to see people from all walk of life, multiple cultures, different mind yet one definite reason, the passion of traveling. If a guy said, a woman would turns him on, this winning would definitely turn me ON TOP of the world. I would in a million years wouldn’t want to miss this.

  13. Shahna

    I want to go to BERLIN !! I have been dying to study abroad in Germany . I want to go for the memorials , the museums , Brandenburg Gate , the Reichstag , Unter den Linden ,Warschauer Strasse and the Mitte district. I want to experience the nocturnal hype of Berlin because living in Kansas does not offer much after the street lights go out . Most of all I want to enjoy the food and the exciting mix of people.

    Food . Culture . Architecture . Nightlife .

  14. I’d love to take a trip to Berlin, to escape London for a weekend and see a part of the world I’ve never seen, mix with new people and get back a bit of perspective on my life about what’s really important to me-travel. Reading about Berlin, I’ve came across the words “eine Reise wert’ – worth a journey, so why not?

  15. Steven Slicer

    I’ve been to Dusseldorf but not to Berlin, I loved Dusseldorf and think that I’d really love Berlin!

  16. I just moved to Hamburg to be with my boyfriend I met traveling in SE Asia. I would love to visit Berlin as I hear only great things about it!

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  18. Christine Neder

    Looking forward to see your winner and my winner sitting next to each other ;)

  19. Soda

    It would be awesome to go to Europe to experience life outside of CA. I would love to experience the different culture, the food, and the customs. It would be a dream come true trip.

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