Brighton seemed to me to be full of boutique hotels—probably why it’s so popular with the gays (or maybe I have that the other way around?)… Anyways, the perennial favorite Blanch House which had been around for a while, then closed, and now is reopened, was a wonderful little boutique hotel. My room (photo above) was decorated in a Moroccan theme. The colors from the lights in the room made for some really beautiful reflections. Each room in Blanch House‘s boutique hotel is decorated in a different style.

Just about everything in Brighton is charming. It’s a great destination for a weekend, with plenty of options for things to do. Spend a few hours in charming Brighton, and you’re sure to come away smiling!

Blanch House is only a short walk from the center of Brighton and a stone’s throw from the city’s stunning Regency seafront. Rooms are from £105 per room, per night.

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  1. Looking forward to my Euro trip. I hope that from Germany I will be given a chance to travel to Holland and other part of it since most of my relatives are there.

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  3. Ryan at Travel and Graphs

    Seems like a cool place to crash for a night or two!

    • Adam

      It was a lovely little hotel! Brighton is full of boutique hotels but this one has a long history and the owners were super friendly and hospitable.

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