Summertime in Berlin is full of street parades and festivals—too many to keep up with, really. Last year I saw the Fete de la Musique, CSD, F*ckParade and the Slutwalk. I’ll probably be around for most of those (and more) this summer. It’s just too hard to resist a good street festival!

Berlin’s annual Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures) celebrates the cultural and ethnic diversity in Berlin. There’s a parade on one of the days of the festival, and a small area of the city is turned into a multicultural event area with stages, food stalls and shopping. (Most notably is the Jamaican chicken stand, says @smonicats.) If you’re interested in a bit more background about the Carnival of Cultures, check out this post from last year. Or view the event’s website in English.

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  2. i was totally in front of the YAAM truck. how did you miss me :P

  3. I am deeply hungry at the mere thought of that Jamaican chicken stand. mmmmmm…

    • Adam

      I had to make a special trip to find it, Laurence…and then wait in line for a while for it – but totally worth it!

  4. I love festivals!! Kali makes fun of me for always making a beeline towards food stalls and tents, but I never grow weary of carnivals or outdoor markets. I don’t know what it is about them, but it’s like a siren song…..

    • Adam

      I do the same thing, Christy! One of my favorite part of any festival is the festival food. I spend most of my money on french fries and other silly fried festival foods…

  5. Definitely looks like an interesting festival! Might still be awhile before we make it up to Berlin.

    • Adam

      I can’t believe you two haven’t been to Berlin yet. Shameful :P

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