As you might know, I’m planning an upcoming trip to North America. I’ll have something like six weeks to hang out in a lot of the U.S. during my trip but one thing that I’m seriously considering is a short international jaunt to Canada.

Besides sitting beside my parent’s pool I figure I should do a little bit of travel—and though I love the warm weather, Canada seems to have been calling my name recently. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do what I did in college and jump on a bus to Montreal for the weekend. If I get there or not, there are three reasons I want to experience Canada: It’s big, it’s gay and it’s quirky.


Canada is big

Well, at least I think it is. People tell me all the time how big it is, and though I’m American, I’m no noob at geography. I know it stretches as far as the U.S. and though I can never remember whether it’s Toronto or Vancouver that’s on the west coast, I know it’s far from the other one.

Canada is gay

I’ve always known Montreal was cool, but being oh-so-very French, I guess it makes sense that it’s a pretty gay city, too. With a nightlife that I’m pretty sure doesn’t end in the nighttime, Montreal is an über fun city. And with an international contest to find the Queer of the Year, I just can’t imagine it’s very boring. That’s my kind of town.

Canada is quirky

I know Americans give Canada a bad rap—calling it all sorts of funny names—but it’s only because Canada is so adorably quirky. Things like Canadian pizza and weird city names are just some of the reasons why this big country up north will always get my attention. How can it not?

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  1. Hey Adam,
    You have to stop by my hometown (Toronto) which has a very large indie and gay scene (although nothing like NYC). You’ll like it here!

    • Adam

      Hey Priyank!

      I’m actually headed to Toronto next weekend! Would love to get some tips for some of the best indie and gay things to do there. Let me know pleeeease!

  2. Kumar

    Canada still has to develop has a tourist destination…

  3. Cheryl

    My home country is awesome! Thanks for the link back on my Cdn pizza post. :)

    Montreal is just plain old romantic. If you end up there, please go to Garde Manger. Very cool resto in Old Montreal and oh so very hipster.

    • Adam

      No problem Cheryl. I imagine there are a ton of cool hipster places throughout Canada. Maybe I’ll make it there someday soon!

  4. Canada is truly cool place to hang out.

    • Adam

      So they say! Will have to see it for myself one of these days… Any tips on the coolest Canadian cities?

  5. Hope that you have a great time!! Waiting to see it through your eyes!

    • Adam

      Have you been to Canada Arti? I’ve only been to Montreal but as a kid so I’d be really interested to visit again as an adult!

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