Back at the beginning of the winter I went on a brief walking tour of Munich’s old town. It was the first time I’ve really explored much of the German city and even then, I didn’t see much. But walking through the pedestrian streets around Frauenkirche, I discovered that Munich essentially lived up to my expectations: it’s a very pretty European city. Gothic churches, wide streets, old architecture. With a healthy dose of modern commercialism in the mix.

Have you been to Munich? What do you think of the city’s atmosphere? My visit was just a short one with a healthy hotel breakfast, a brief jaunt through one of Munich’s parks and an afternoon exploring the Old City. I didn’t feel particularly compelled to explore much of the city, but I expect with a longer stay I’d find more to see. But, without a doubt, the city did impress me with it’s stereotypically ancient architecture.







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  1. I visited Munich, Germany last year and it was such a great time. The pretzels as you have experienced are wonderful, I even had one dipped in white chocolate – it was amazing. Lovely post, thanks for sharing your pictures, cant wait to see more!

  2. Thomas Dembie

    I love Munich. By far my favorite city in Germany. I think it’s a great base for exploring the region as well. Looking forward to going back one day!

  3. Great photos! You’ve got Munich about right – the old city near the Marienplatz is the quaintest. The areas on the other side of the river (particularly near Max-Weber-Platz or Rosenheimer Platz) is nice – and less touristy. If you like the hipster scene, the Tollwood festival (twice per year, once in December just before Christmas and once during the summer) draws the hipster crowd. For what it’s worth, I go to Munich about 2 or 3 times a year. Happy to give recommendations.

  4. Genelia Martin

    Thanks for giving good information of Munich.Lots of things to do like shopping, museums, and great food.

  5. Cheryl

    I know that everyone in Berlin likes to make fun of Munich, but I love the city! I wouldn’t live there or anything but I think it’s a beautiful and charming city.

    And they have waaaayyyy better beer than Berlin.

  6. Monica Toress

    Munich has a unique atmosphere especially the old city. I always love visiting it and I’m lucky that I have the chance to do it frequently. One of the best places I’ve visited for sure.

  7. I went there for The xx back in November with my housemates and mainly remember the great house we stayed in, the snow and of course the concert itself. The day after the concert I took it upon myself to explore the city and ended up buying my favorite rainbow mittens at the gay Christmas market and walking around by freezing cold temperatures… Oh, and getting a small glass of white wine at the Pfälzer Residenz. THAT was in fact the highlight of the day.

    Other than that, I didn’t see much, but I was very glad I went. 6 hours one way on the train kills though.

  8. Beautiful pictures, Adam! I never was a big fan of Munich until a few years ago when I discovered that it wasn’t *just* pretty. I had to find the edge. Then I thought it was awesome. I still maintain that Hamburg is better tho :D Can’t wait what you’re gonna have to say for it!

  9. I haven’t spent a lot of time in either city but Munich seemed to fit better for my husband and me than Berlin did. Granted we’re kind of boring ;) but I didn’t find any shortage of things to see and do in Munich and the food appealed to us more.

  10. Patrick Smith

    We have been to Munich several times- it really is a great old city to visit- beautiful, fun to walk through, lots of things to do, lots of shopping, museums, and great food. What I especially like is that it is a blast to walk around and take in the beauty without feeling like I am in a museum full of things that are breaking down. I always tell people to watch the glockenspiel in the old town hall- I call it the least intersting sight in all of Europe:-) thanks for this great post!!

  11. Munich looks great! I skipped it when I was in Germany in favor of a few extra days in Berlin but I clearly should have gone.

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