I’m going to wax poetic for a little bit here about how and why I travel, and how that affects this here blog….

best lgbt blog!

This blog, Travels of Adam, was recently nominated for a prestigious blog award: the 2013 Bloggies. It was nominated as one of the best LGBT blogs among some pretty awesome websites. I’m flattered to be nominated especially since I didn’t even know about the awards until after the fact! Also, I didn’t realize my blog was so gay!

But then it got me thinking: if I didn’t even really consider this blog as a “LGBT” blog, then is it? I could probably list a thousand words to describe my blog—sure I’d use LGBT in there, but I’m not sure if that’s the over-riding term to use for my blog. I’d be happy with everyone just considering this as an AWESOME blog. or a SUPER-HAPPY-FRIENDLY blog (with bits of seriousness mixed in).

I dedicate at least one post a month to a gay travel topic from somewhere in the world. And all my hipster city guides feature tips for gay & lesbian travelers based on my personal experiences. But is this blog all about gay travel? No, it’s about travel—and it just so happens that there’s a sizeable chunk of gay travelers out there. And hopefully they’re reading and appreciating this website as much as everyone else!

I’m probably an exception but I actually quite like labels. Sure, they’re often gross misrepresentations and strange stereotypes, but sometimes they fit. And if you can own the word (hey hey hipster), then why not just go all-in?

What kind of a traveler are you? I’m…

a(n)… hipster, lgbt, gay, queer, awesome, fun, young, hip, cool, trendy, design-y, open-minded, alternative, indie, lyrical, artsy, friendly, clever, responsible, independent, personal, thirsty, hungry, comfortable, relaxed, colorful, absurd, lazy, irresponsible, annoying, silly, posh, fancy, cheap, stylish, thrifty, penniless, sober, drunk, honest, deceitful, scary, bad, good, helpful, helpless, boring, tired, horny, unfortunate, lucky, skilled, somber, depressing, uplifting, energetic, entertaining, humorous, unfunny …traveler.

And, if you think I do a good job of covering (or not covering) LGBT topics on travelsofadam.com, please vote for me to win a 2013 Bloggies here!

best lgbt blog!

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  1. Voted for you! Like you, I didn’t know I was nominated for Best European Weblog. In shock. LOL. Just started asking friends and fans to vote for me ;D

  2. Voted for you! I didn’t also know I was nominated for Best European Weblog. In shock. LOL. Just started asking friends and fans to vote for me ;D

  3. Beth Groffman

    congrats on the nomination Adam. Your blog has some great articles and I always enjoy your take on places. Good Luck. Happy Travels!

  4. Voted. Good luck, Adam!

  5. I love the list – and you most definitely deserve the nomination, no matter the category. You do great work and we’ll toast to this tonight! :) xx

    • Adam

      Thanks Mariella! I really loved your response to this post on your own blog.

  6. proud of you – congrats sweetheart! you deserve an award for a great hip blog at the very least ;)

    ps – lola’s travels is up for a bloggie in the “Best Kept Secret” category!

    • Adam

      Thanks Lola! Voted for you too of course :)

  7. Congrats on the nomination! My blog got nominated in the best travel weblog category, and I mostly write about unicorns and cheese and my couch. So I was just as surprised by my nomination as you were… I had no idea my blog was so travelly!

    • Adam

      Unicorns, cheese and a couch sounds like a perfect vacation to me :)

      Congrats and good luck, Sally!

  8. Congrats, Adam! I read your blog simply because I like travel and you highlight some interesting things.

    • Adam

      Thanks for the feedback Jennifer!

  9. Congrats Adam. Will be voting for you in LGBT and FlashpackerFamily in the AU/NZ category (although I wish I could vote for both flashpackerfam and ytravel in AU/NZ)

    • Adam

      Thanks so much for your support Kate!!

  10. Hi, relatively new reader here, as I found your blog recently when I was surfing the net for new travel blogs to read. Somehow I would think your blog is more hipster than gay, but then, I was told my gaydar sucks, even though I am gay myself. That being said, someone also told me my blog looks gay too, though I thought it was a simple no-hassles personal-slash-travel blog.

    Keep on blogging, no matter what people label it.

    • Adam

      Hey Jeruen,
      Thanks for the comment! Checking out your blog now :)

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