I’ve used a lot of words to describe the street art that you can find in Tel Aviv—it can be anything from political statements to “cute” illustrations. Here are some photos of Tel Aviv street arts that I’ve found interesting enough to photograph, with some added commentary. I’ll be looking out for even more

Sometimes the graffiti is on abandoned buildings.


Sometimes it’s to make a social statement.


And sometimes it’s simply there to add some color.


Or it can be strangely boring, but poignant.


Sometimes it lacks color, but has plenty of emotion.


And other times, it’s more than COLORFUL.


Sometimes it really is all about love.


…so much love.


Sometimes it’s just an eggplant


or kind of silly.


Sometimes it’s pretty;


other times it’s just some string.


It can be small, and political


…or large and oddly sad.


There are messages


of varying seriousness.


It’s quite often in Florentine


…and even more often it’s by Dede.


There are murals


and hidden messages.


It might be hidden in corners


or on the rooftops.


Every inch of a building might be painted


Or maybe it’s just on a concrete sidewalk


There are stamps & stencils,


murals of sad faces


and concrete lampshades.


Tel Aviv Street Arts

Hope you enjoyed my photos of some of the street art & graffiti in Tel Aviv. Stay tuned on Twitter with the hashtag #tlv4fun for the next week to see more arts & culture related information from Tel Aviv.

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  1. Naomi@ Spray Art

    These are some inspiring work. For me graffiti is a method of expressing yourself, in a strong and public manner. Its funny to think that this is illegal yet in some ways graffiti make cities look more vibrant and beautiful. Everything can be art when it has a meaning to it.

  2. Gorgeous post! It’s so refreshing to see a travel blogger focus on something other than a mountain or sunset. The artwork is beautiful, even in the form of colored string. I look forward to following your blog!

  3. Great shots, Adam! I love street art – it’s such a great window into the soul and culture of a city.

  4. LOVE this street art – what fun you must have had, taking the photos!

  5. Awesome collection, Adam!

  6. Me thinks you should write a Dr. Seuss book too!!

    • Cat of Sunshine and Siestas

      DO IT! Dr. Seuss book, and I will read it to my preschoolers so that they understand just how cool street art is! If you’re ever in Seville or Valencia, it’s definitely worth checking out!

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