Antwerpen Street Art Antwerp is a shopping city. It’s streets are full of brand-names, designer shops and boutiques. But just because the city has a penchant for pedestrians in high heels and well-tailored suits doesn’t mean the city lacks a bit of edge.

While wandering the cobble-stoned streets of Antwerpen, I stumbled into a small fashion photo-shoot on Kopstraatje—a tiny side street in central Antwerp. While I’m sure the photographer was more interested in the model’s clothing, my eyes were on the walls.

The small alleyway was covered floor-to-ceiling with painted works, stencils and paste-ups. Certainly Antwerp’s most colorful street, Kopstraatje leads right out onto a plaza and yet another shopping street. It was a welcome break from the perfectly manicured shop windows.

Here’s a sample of the street art on this surprising street.

Street Art in Antwerp

Street Art in Antwerp


Street Art in Antwerpen

Street Art in Antwerpen

Street Art in Antwerpen

Street Art in Antwerpen

And one other piece of Belgium street art I spotted in Antwerp…though not on Kopstrattje:

street art belgium

Where to look for street art in Antwerp

Kopstraatje is a small alley in central Antwerp, though you’ll certainly discover other murals and street arts while walking through other neighborhoods. The city wasn’t lacking in street art.

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  1. Talented street artists make those (otherwise boring) backstreets a lot more beautiful.
    Spain is more full of street art than the Benelux countries, but I’m surprised to see Eastern Europe still in grey – so lifeless…

  2. Hello there, merely start seeing your blog page by means of Yahoo and google, and found it is actually helpful. I will watch out for the town. I am thankful just in case you commence this kind of later on. Quite a few other individuals may be benefited from your creating. All the best!

  3. I had no idea Antwerp had such a cool street art scene! I think we’ll have to check it out when we’re back in Europe next summer :)

    • Adam

      Yep – I was totally surprised by how hip and alternative Antwerp was as well. I guess I expected it to be a bit more “upper-class.” I’m a big fan of Belgium actually. It’s such a cute and weird country :)

  4. nice finds! i was in antwerp this summer and noticed some awesome street art but i was too piss to document it!

  5. Ryan Brown

    Wow, what crazy awesome graffiti! I love a town that is filled with unique and vibrant streetart like this. Antwerp is definitely being added to my graffiti list!

  6. Britany

    love the monkey!

  7. Rebecca

    these are brilliant! I love street art! Cant wait to visit Antwerp

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  9. I randomly ended up in Antwerp last summer and was surprised by how much I liked the city. Great pictures of the street art…thank you for sharing!

    • Adam

      Cheers Nailah. And yes I felt the same – I was surprised at how much there was to do in Antwerp. Great for a few days and just as interesting (and pretty!) as Brussels.

  10. Mo

    Great Shots… Love this type of art

  11. Hi Adam,
    I really love the street photos. The monkey picture looks great. Antwerp is a country I never heard of. Which part of the world it is? By the way why did you go to it? I always love the glitterati in those styles. Nice pictures.

    • Adam

      Antwerp (also called Antwerpen) is a city in Belgium. I was there for the gay pride.

  12. I love street art. We have some in Columbus, Ohio and it is a valued part of the Short North community. I’ve been to Antwerp but was there for school briefly years ago so I’ll have to go back!

  13. Bradley

    Awesome pics.. I was living in San Francisco before I left to travel and the street art there is amazing too. This post just made me a little homsick actually. My favorite is the AVE piece with the hands.

    • Adam

      Oh yes San Francisco has some really impressive street art & murals! Most big cities these days seem to attract this kind of work. Some are better at protecting the work than others…

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