There are few places in Germany that strike up as much imagination as the Black Forest (that’s Schwarzwald auf Deutsch). Mysterious tales throughout history have been told about this strangely spooky place, yet when I visited in October it was nothing but sweet and pretty (much like the famous Black Forest Cake). In fact, I showed up on the Black Forest’s highest peak, Feldberg, just days after this winter’s first snow.

For better or worse, the snow had started to melt during my short hike through the Black Forest. The sun was out and even if it was cold, the forest was bright and felt alive. Those comical red-and-white mushrooms buried under wet leaves, fast-flowing streams gushing with water. Hiking in the Black Forest wasn’t what I was expecting. I was half-hoping to run into Little Red Riding Hood on the train, but rather we found ourselves in a sweeping valley with a pleasant (and surprisingly crowded) German restaurant.

Black Forest (in B&W)

Mushroom in the black forest

Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Schnaps in Deutschland


Schwarzwald Schnapps

Winter in the Black Forest

Schwarzwald (in black & white)

Getting There

Feldberg is easily accessible on a day trip from Freiburg. You can take a train from Freiburg direct to the train stop Feldberg-Bärental where a shuttle takes you up closer to the mountain peak (where the ski resorts are). Alternatively, it seems tour groups operate out of the lake-side town of Titisee, also easily accessible by train from Freiburg.

Find more information about Feldberg on the official tourism website. Learn more about my trip through Baden-Württemberg here.

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  1. Bridget @ GreenGlobalTravel

    Great photos! Your trip to the Black Forest sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty! I don’t think I’ve been to the exact area you visited, but there’s a cable car to a place called Shauinsland that’s really pretty. We went up there last October, the first day it snowed in Freiburg, and there was a lot more snow up there than down in the city. Maybe I’ll get over to Feldberg during the summer.

    • Adam

      Feldberg was nice, Ali — and pretty easy to get to from Freiburg. I’m sure there a million little towns throughout the Black Forest though—most of which must be nice.

  3. Nice… and coooold :) I fell into nostalgia for a while… I left Frankfurt am Main over one moth ago to travel the world and Black Forest, Feldberg including, is a beautiful place worth to visit any season of the year.

    Take care, guys :)

    • Adam

      Thanks for the comment Ivana — and yep, I think the Black Forest is probably pretty any time of year! Must be amazing in the springtime…

  4. This place definitely inspired the brothers Grimm, right? =)

    • Adam

      Yes it did!

  5. Hiking and drinking… my kind of activity!

    • Adam

      It’s probably the only way to make hiking interesting for me ;)

  6. Beautiful photos. Everything always looks so beautiful in Black and White.
    Look forward to seeing more.

    • Adam

      Thanks – learning more about photography is one of my #Turning30 goals so I wanted to try out the black & white method for this post.

  7. I SO want to visit the Black Forest in Germany. This makes me want to go NOW!!

    • Adam

      It’s a great place to visit – even in the winter because then I think it’s especially pretty

  8. My husband and I have been debating if we should also try to travel the inner most parts of Europe, including forests, and other more natural natures. But i think this entry is really good and would definitely convince my husband to get into this as well in our Euro trip! Glad i stumbledupon this entry.

    • Adam

      Cheers Hannah – I think Europe has a lot to offer. Obviously I love the city life, but the occasional hiking trip and fresh air keeps me sane and healthy

  9. Ryan

    That is my kinda’ hike! Ended with a bottle of liquor, what better way?! Stellar photos mate, love the one with snow on the tree.

    • Adam

      Hahah yes – leave it ze Germans to make sure there’s alcohol on a hike! And that’s not even taking into consideration the 3 hours we stopped in the valley at a restaurant for glühwein and spaetzle!

  10. Tom @ Waegook Tom

    I’ll be in Bavaria for a few days just before Christmas (Munich!) although don’t think I’ll have time to make to the Black Forest. It looks beautiful and so romantic, even though I’ll be going as a singleton.

    • Adam

      Oh Tom! I was in Munich last year just before Christmas. It’s SO pretty! Also – you have to check out Munich’s gay Christmas Market if you get a chance. A friend went last year and said it was small and kind of lame, but I’m sure there must be something charming about it.

  11. Going to do the California Redwoods all in red, huh? Or the blue lagoon with a blue filter? I bet you could do a whole series like that…there’s probably plenty out there with colorful names.

    • Adam

      Ohhhh I want to do all of the above! Thank you Snarky ;)

      • Amazing idea! I second it :) And Greenland all in green!

        • Adam

          Haha yes! I think it’d make a great photo series :)

  12. Rebecca

    these images are great!!! I loved the black forest and more so the cake!!!

    • Adam

      Haha yes I’m a big fan of the cake too!

    • Adam

      Danke Henry! Bist du in den Schwazwald gewesen?

  13. Wow Adam! This place looks so pretty! Totally love the black and white photos, I think it really fit the place.

    • Adam

      Yeah, I thought with the first snow in the Black Forest, b&w just seemed to fit the theme nicely. Though it’s also a lovely place in full color, too :)

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