Autumn in most countries is usually pretty, but when in the spa city of Baden-Baden in southwestern Germany a few weeks ago, I found it particularly beautiful. Maybe it was the bath salts and smell of luxury that permeated the air. The perfectly manicured city is small, but certainly colorful.

While in Baden-Baden for just one day, I was able to manage visiting the famous casino (a bit too posh for me, though) and spend a few hours in the legendary nude spa of Friedrichsbad. But that’s another story…

Baden-Baden, Germany

Autumn in Germany

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  1. I live in Frankfurt but like to travel to Baden Baden in Autumn. Love the falling leaves around me

    • Adam

      Baden-Baden does seem like a great weekend escape. I suppose it’s not too far from Frankfurt for a relaxing weekend away from home!

  2. i think germany has the prettiest seasons!

    • Adam

      Well I dunno about that but winter and autumn are awfully beautiful in Germany :) I could use a bit more sun in the summers!

  3. Rebecca

    stunning image! I really miss the beautifulness of Autumn

  4. Amazing, autumn in Germany seems to be one of the best, thanks for sharing this, lovely pictures too:)

    • Adam

      Glad you enjoyed the photos Peter!

  5. Nicely done! Love the fallen leaves – I can smell them from here and listen to their snap when walked across. :-D

    • Adam

      Thanks Maria – and yep. I think autumn must be one of the most experiential seasons

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