I’ve already publicly stated my newfound, deep love for Seville. But looking back on my past four weeks of learning Spanish there, I realize my love went even deeper. I spent so many of my days in Seville walking and wandering the streets, between orange trees and over cobble-stoned paths. If you missed my live updates on my Tumblr about Seville, here’s my Instagram travel diary from my four weeks in Spain.

An Instagram Travel Diary

Instagram has become my number one way of journaling a trip. Traveling with my iPhone4, I pretty much take photos all the time — even when I’m not traveling! My phone is full of photos of food, of strangers I met in bars, of doors and of walls. There are plenty of bad photos in-between, but I also make a habit of trying to capture as much as possible on my Instagram. Here’s a small sample from my four weeks in Seville…

In the city center, I spent a lot of time at Plaza Nueva because it was just around the corner from my language school. Just a bit of winter sunshine in Seville! ❤

Seville Cathedral
Your typical iconic photo for Seville: the Cathedral in the distance and the local orange trees in the foreground. Those trees are everywhere!
Metropol Parasol
The lovely Metropol Parasol is the world’s largest wooden structure, and somewhat affectionately called the “mushrooms” by Sevillanos
Graffiti in Seville
There was quite a bit of graffiti and street art in Seville – definitely a colorful town!
Seville: You Are Magic <3
Seville, you are magic <3
Tapas in Seville
I must have eaten one gazillion croquettes while in Seville. My go-to tapas choice!
Plaza España
Plaza España’s strange but beautiful mosaics
Seville Expo
Aliens in Seville? No, this is just the Expo I discovered when wandering around Seville one Saturday. Taken with my new Autographer camera
La Estraza Bar & Cafe
I loved the decorations inside La Estraza – plus their “comfort food” tapas were delicious!
Doctor Bar
Doctor Bar was a cool indie bar & club open late and always with good music
Real Alcazar de Seville
Architecture in Seville is incredible. While this photo is of the Real Alcazar and understandably beautiful, even my apartment was beautifully tiled with mosaics
Seville on Instagram
The Real Alcazar de Seville is truly beautiful!
Real Alcazar de Seville
Underneath the Real Alcazar is a hidden spot where there was once a swimming pool – now it’s just a cool spot to take a break from the strong heat outside
Plaza España
Plaza España has small mosaic, tiled squares for each region/city of Spain
View from Triana
Triana, the popular hangout ‘hood for tapas and cheap drinks. Along the river is Calle Betis – famous for its nightlife :)

* * *

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  1. Adam, have been reading your blog for a while and finally am peeping my head out to say hi! SO on board with the whole hipster travel thing; have often been accused of rampant hipster behavior myself! LOVELY photos of Spain: it’s actually never been on my travel radar. But those orange trees tho…..

    • Hey Stephanie, Welcome :) Spain is beautiful and yep, the orange trees in Andalucia are pretty special!

  2. Adam, have been following your blog for a while but this is the first time I’ve popped by to say hi! SO on board with “hipster” travel, have often been accused of rampant hipsterdom myself. Gorgeous photos–Spain has never really been on my travel radar, but those orange trees tho…..

  3. I have to echo everyone else’s comments. Just gorgeous photos! I’ve loved following along on Instagram.

    All this sunshine is wonderful for my eyes too! Grey grey in Scotland this month. :)

    • Thanks Alison!

  4. Rebecca

    great photos! really makes me miss Seville

  5. Adam, so great to have you in the Instagram Travel Thursday campaign!! I know it’s not Thursday anymore but I’m only now sitting properly in front of my laptop here in New Zealand after the (long) weekend…

    I’ve never been to Seville but based on this, I’d love to go… And talking about iPhones, I really need to empty mine, it’s full of images of beautiful things… and signs, posters and other “stuff” that I’ve been meaning to check out online, plus all the shots in between that were not that great! :)

  6. Great collection of photos, Adam!

    Seville indeed a lovely place to learn a new language ;-)

  7. David @ That Gay Backpacker

    I love those tiles. I will absolutely never be able to afford a house. But in another life, I would have a house that is tiled from floor to ceiling.

  8. Ryan from Jets Like Taxis

    Nice to see all these pictures, Adam! You know how much we love Seville, and we’re happy you had such a good time there.

  9. Adam,
    Seville is beautiful. I love your photos. I’ did not make it to Seville when I was in Spain. I must go again. I’m so glad you are joining us for the #IGTRAVELThursday l link up. I”m a little late reading this week due to winter storm in N.C. I was out of power for 7 hours. Finally back on. I love your website, and so glad I’ve learned about it today.

    • Hi Leigh,
      Thanks so much for the kind words. Was so happy to discover the #IGTravelThursday community this week :) Hope you’re taking some pretty snow photos of the snowpocalypse!

  10. Beautiful instagrams – got me itching to visit Seville.

    • Visit Seville! It’s great :) I can’t help but sing its praises!

  11. Great shots Adam. I especially love the winter sunshine by the river shot and the street art shadows. I love Instagram and think I spend way too much time on there looking at other people’s photos. It’s addictive!

    • Thanks Jen – appreciate the feedback! The “winter sunshine” photo was one of my favorites too, but sadly didn’t get quite as much love on Instagram! I think Instagram is one of the best social media sites for wanderlust

  12. Gosh, how I miss Sevilla. And I agree with Cat’s statement on FB: I want me some croquettes. Ahora sí!

    • The tapas in Seville really are spectacular – some of the best I’ve had in the whole world

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I first visited Seville in the winter and I loved how warm and alive it felt to everyone rugged up inside elsewhere in Europe!

    • Oh yes, Caitlyn – definitely agree that Seville is a great place to visit in the winter! So much warmer than the rest of Europe and there was still sunshine! And I think in the summer, the heat in Seville can be quite unbearable so it makes sense to visit when it’s cooler

  14. Ashley

    Spain looks incredibly magical. I am in love with these instagrams!

  15. Lovely! Seville looks just so enticing right now! I especially like the street art shadow of the couple having a drink.

  16. I found you via #IGTravelThursday and I love your photos. Very interesting and creative. I’m looking forward to spending some time on your blog.

  17. Unfortunately I don’t have Instagram because I’m the only person under 30 without a smartphone. These photos of Seville are fantastic. I love the tiles in Plaza España.

    Note to self: go to Seville.

  18. Wow, we need to get back to Seville. I thought the locals weren’t totally sold on Las Setas myself. Beautiful snaps, though.

  19. Absolutely stunning pictures and brilliant blog post! We tend to visit Andalusia every year and yet find something new in Seville every time we go. The Expo did a world of good & the food is incredible! Calamares, chipirones y chocos fritos are amazing!

  20. Stunning pictures… definitely puts Seville on my bucketlist!!

  21. reeta @houseofanais

    Looks gorgeous. I have always wanted to go to Seville and even more so after seeing these photos. I love cities with archtitectural gems!

    • OH yes, the architecture in Seville really is quite spectacular. It’s often overlooked as a destination but definitely worth the visit if you ask me!

  22. I loved following this trip on Instagram! I’ve never been to Seville, but really want to go after seeing your incredible pictures.

    • Seville is a gorgeous city, Katja. All that sunshine just makes it easily Instagrammable too :)

  23. Cat of Sunshine and Siestas

    Yep. Yep. Yep. I love being constantly taken by this city, and it’s constantly changing, too. Glad to hear you loved it like I do!

    • I’m really glad to have visited Seville a few years ago and see it again today. I can’t even imagine all the changes you’ve seen, Cat!

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