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3 Places Where Words Fail

It took my three tries before I came up with a title for this post. The three places I’m about to introduce you to are places I’ve visited in the past four months that have held some sort of importance to me. Places where I felt… spiritual? passionate? intense? I don’t know. I can’t find the word, really. I’m not particularly spiritual, though it’s a word I respect. Sometimes I feel rather passionate about somethings, but other times, not so much. Intensity? I’m not sure that’s a word I could justifiably apply to myself.

Words fail me when I think of these three places. But that’s what photos and memories are for, right? View more of my favorite travel destinations here…

Seeing Morocco from Gibraltar Rock

Mediterranean, Gibraltar Rock

The Western Wall, Jerusalem

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Mt. Sinai at Sunrise

Mt Sinai sunrise

  1. SpunkyGirl says:

    Adam, I love the idea of this post. Your photos are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful. I love when words will never be able to describe a place you have been or a something your have seen.

  3. Earl says:

    The title you chose works perfectly. Those are some incredible locations and I think it’s excellent that you didn’t try to force words upon these experiences.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Earl. I actually sat here and tried and tried to find the words to explain why these places. And then I backspaced all the way through it…

  4. Earl says:

    The title you chose works perfectly. Those are some incredible locations and I think it’s excellent that you didn’t try to force words upon these experiences.

  5. Wow, what an apt title! I can definitely imagine how words could fail to describe what it’s like to actually stand in these spots.

  6. Incredible locations Adam!
    From these three great pictures, I would have had the same speechless reaction as you. Sometimes words (or our minds) just can’t keep up with the amount of beauty, history, and intensity.

  7. Candicewalsh says:

    Love this simple post, sometimes it’s all you need for expression. I get EXACTLY what you mean.

  8. I specially like the Mt Sinai photo- is the climb tough?


    • Jeremy says:

      I did the climb during the day and climbed down at night after sunset.. going down was much harder and slower.  Bring a flash light!

    • Adam says:

      Hey Federico, no it’s not particularly tough. It was 3 hours late at night, and near the top there are a bunch of “steps” built into the rock, but it’s really not difficult.

  9. Poi says:

    I love the sunrise picture – they really do paint a thousand words

  10. walks of italy says:

    walks of Italy
    great pictures really interesting
    thanks ……..

  11. budget accommodation says:

    stunning. I’d add watching the Perito Moreno glaciar.

  12. enrolled agent cpe says:

    I have to agree on this article title especially when I saw the picture of Mt. Sinai at Sunrise. There are just some places that can leave you breathless and having the chance to witness a spectacular view is something special and memorable.

  13. Unerasia says:

    those are really stunning

  14. I know the feeling. Machu Picchu made me feel that same way :)

  15. WOAH! Mt. Sinai at sunrise <3

  16. Gib says:

    You were seeing morroco from Gibraltar not from Spain. Gibraltar is not in Spain

  17. Lucy says:

    Beautiful photos Adam :)

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