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My 7 Links: 7 Posts from Travels of Adam

If you read other travel blogs, you’ll know what this post is all about. If not, just enjoy a short retrospective of seven different posts from my travel blog. 

Your most beautiful post: 3 Places Where Words Fail

I’m not saying it’s my most beautiful post because the photos are my best (they’re not). I’m not saying it’s my most beautiful post because I wrote my best (I didn’t). It’s my most beautiful post simply for what it is—simple, straight to the point and, well, beautiful.

Your most popular post: 25 Things to do Before Turning 25

It shouldn’t be my most popular, but it is. Thanks to the hundreds of list-seekers out there myself who also wanted to know what things you’re supposed to do before you turn 25. My dirty little secret? Who gives a damn what you do before you turn 25!

Your most controversial post: Travel Responsibly in Israel: The City of David AND Travel Rules I Haven’t Followed

I’m cheating here and including two. My post on responsible travel in Israel was purely controversial because of the nature of its subject, but it’s something I feel strong enough about that I felt the need to share.

My other post on travel rules I haven’t followed stirred up some emotions in some readers. It seems some people thought I may have taken some things too lightly. I’ve been just as concerned about my travel safety as the next guy, but there have been more times when I didn’t feel the need, so I just didn’t care. And it all worked out. Even up until today still.

Your most helpful post: Breaking the Silence tour of the South Hebron Hills

I’m saying this is my most helpful because I’ve personally known several people who’ve taken the tour simply because of my recommendation here in this post. That makes me glad. I received a few emails from one woman who had first heard of Breaking the Silence from this blog, and because of what she read, her and her husband chose to take the tour on their next visit to Israel. That, to me, has been one of my most proud blogging moments.

A post whose success surprised you: Bibi Ka Maqbara: The Poor Man’s Taj

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, because this post is pure StumbleUpon fodder. But still, I didn’t expect it. I figure it’s a small enough tourist site that others just don’t know its story, so if you’re still one of those, be sure to check it out. It’s one of those tourist sites in India that many people just don’t see.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Thank You to all the People

Actually, this is the post I’m most proud of. But it’s also one that didn’t get the attention it deserved. So many of the people I mention will never read the few words I wrote, which is just as fine by me. I didn’t write it for them but purely for myself and my own memory.

The post that you are most proud of: Travel is my Grad School

I wrote this in a moment of passion, hence the language and strong feelings. But it’s something I’m proud to say today and every day.

Thank you to Diana of DTravelsRound, Norbert from GloboTreks and Roy from Cruisesurfingz for the near-simultaneous tags.

I’m tagging Mike, Lillie, Jeremy, Reese and anyone else who wants to participate.

  1. I totally missed you Thank You post. Great read. Zoubin is a good friend of mine from Toronto!

  2. Jade says:

    I love Travel is my Grad School… I always remember it when people ask why I travel so much and why I’m not married with a full time career… :)

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