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A summer of travel in Europe

Here’s how my current summer plans look for my second summer in a row in Europe:

Italy – here now!

Berlin – I’ll be around for the Christopher Street Day parade, and several other random weeks scattered throughout the summer. But with all the plans I’ve made to visit other places, it doesn’t seem I’ll have so much time in Berlin after all. Definitely will have to remedy this and plan on a chill few weeks just relaxing and living the Berlin summer life.

Belgium – Plan to hit up a music festival and check out the hipster cities in Belgium. I know very little about Flanders so if you’ve been and can give me a clue on what to see and do (besides eat the fries), I’d be very happy for the tips!

Budapest – As if I wasn’t planning enough visits to cities that begin with the letter B, I’ve got a long weekend booked for Budapest in August. I’m going with a boy, so it’ll be especially special (can I say that? Is that English?).

Germany – I’m planning a few day trips around Berlin—to Dresden and to Leipzig for example. If I’m ambitious, I’ll take a longer trip and finally visit Munich.

What I’m missing

Amsterdam – I’ve gone on and on about Amsterdam and yet I still haven’t booked anything. I think it’s because I don’t really want to visit alone. It just seems like a city better suited for group travel.

Greece – There’s still a chance I may get to visit Greece, but at the moment it’s not on my itinerary.

Turkey – Yes, yes…I know. I should’ve gone already as it’s been on just about ever Europe itinerary I’ve ever made. #fail

Europe is big.


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