I’m very lucky to be able to travel so much for work and for fun (just yet another benefit of living in Europe!), so I want to be able to remember everywhere that I’ve been and all the amazing things I’ve done. Below are the travel highlights of my year—updated each month.


berlin silvester
Berlin for New Year’s Eve. Read my Silvester tips and see photos here.
Szczecin, Poland - day trip
Day trip to Szczecin, Poland to eat all the pierogi and drink all the beer. Read more about Szczecin here.



Late Rembrandt exhibition - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Quick trip to Amsterdam to visit the new Late Rembrandt exhibition at the Rijksmuseum and learn more about the Dutch Golden Age. Read more stories from Amsterdam here.
Berlin for the annual Berlinale International Film Festival. Read my film reviews here.
Social Media Hamburg
Speaking gig at the Social Media Week Hamburg about travel journalism and social media. See the event details here, or watch my presentation here.
Nice Carnaval - Lou Queernaval
Nice, France for one of the world’s largest Carnaval celebrations, plus the first ever gay Carneval in France: Lou Queernaval. Read more stories from France here.



Berlin at sunset
Berlin for the annual ITB travel trade show. Read my Berlin travel guide here.
Trafalgar Square - St Patrick's Day
London Soho to see some theater (Wicked the Musical) and explore the Soho neighborhood. Read my report on the best things to do in London’s Soho neighborhood here.
Chicago for a weekend to check out the gay nightlife and eat all the food! Read more stories from Chicago here.
Illinois - Road Trip
Road trip through Illinois with stops in Chicago, Galena and Rockford. Read about my road trip here, or more stories about Illinois in the full travel archives.


Anna's Taqueria
Boston, Massachusetts for Easter Weekend and to eat my favorite burrito in the whole world!
with oscar
Los Angeles (and, of course, West Hollywood) to attend the IGLTA conference and consumer trade show. Read my crazy stories from Los Angeles here.
Sunny Seville
Two weeks around Andalusia including Seville for the annual Seville Feria
Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal for the very first time—the Algarve region and Lisbon


Berlin at sunset
Updating & editing a printed guidebook for Berlin — lots of fact-checking and sightseeing!


Weekend in Manchester
Manchester for the first time! The start of my über-gay summer! Read all my stories from Manchester here.
Athens LGBT Pride
Athens for gay pride (and to see the famous sites!)
Riga Gay
Riga, Latvia for Europride with #mygaypride. Read my stories about Riga, Lativa here.
Kreuzberger CSD
Berlin for one of the best summer festivals: CSD gay pride


Milkshake Festival (Amsterdam 2015)
Amsterdam for the electro music & queer Milkshake Festival. See more photos and read the full review here.
Stockholm Pride 2015
Stockholm for gay pride, plus a crazy fun underwear party! Read my full Stockholm Hipster Guide here.


Copenhagen Pride
Copenhagen for gay pride (part of #MyGayPride). Read all my stories from Copenhagen here.
Trans Scripts
Weekend in Edinburgh with Edinburgh Festivals for the Fringe Festival, Book Festival & Arts Festival
Gay Manchester
Manchester for the UK’s largest gay pride event, plus a road trip through the Peak District.


Barcelona beach
Barcelona for a spur-of-the-moment trip after getting tickets with Germanwings Blind Booking.


• Berlin’s first ever Lollapalooza music festival
• Lausanne, Switzerland for a postcard-perfect holiday


• Dublin and Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way for The Outing festival
• Weekend in Tel Aviv — but on a tight budget!
• One week in London, for fish & chips, theatre & researching a new Hipster City Guide


Orange County, California to visit family and squeeze in some beach time at both Laguna Beach and Newport Beach

Dallas, Texas to visit family and check out the gay and hipster scene in one of the biggest cities of Texas

Costa Rica for a tropical holiday with the boyfriend to see friends, hang out at the beach, explore San José and see the sloths!

Haiti to visit my sister and see experience a bit of Caribbean culture

Houston, Texas to visit friends and see what America’s fourth largest city is really like, plus an opportunity to check out Houston’s legendary LGBT scene


Copenhagen and Malmo for a long winter weekend of shopping, Christmas markets and Scandinavian fun

Christmas in Berlin

New Year’s Eve in Warsaw


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  1. Ana Maria

    Hallo Adam, I love Berlin so much and my dream its to know Germany, mainly Berlin, so, Im grateful for all your pics and comments and letting us know a little more about Berlin. Thank you so much and please, carry on with your super nice work. Hug !

    • Ana Maria

      *When you can, visit Brazil, good food, beautiful beaches and friendly people..*

  2. Hey Adam, I love what you’re doing and reading your adventures!!!

    You should come to Istanbul! Amazing sites, lovely people and delicious food. Let me know if you ever pass through, i would be happy to show you around and take you on the Istanbul Food Walks for a fab introduction to Turkish food and backstreet stroll in the old city.

    • Thanks Nili! Sounds really cool – Istanbul is definitely on my “to visit” list – hopefully sooner rather than later!

  3. Mili

    Adam! My friend and I just touched down in Berlin and are using your articles like the gospel. Street Food Thursday in Kreuzburg was the best. Thanks!

    • Yay! So glad to hear that Mili <3 <3 <3

  4. Matt

    Hi Adam, love your reviews and adventures..I’ve been to Italy once..I want to go back,lol..plus France and so many other places..maybe someday..for now, I do really enjoy reading about your trips.. :)

    • Thank you Matt! Italy is definitely one of those places I always feel a need to return to, too :D

      And thanks for following!

  5. Vera Zepeda

    Hello Adam, I am a retired 51 year old lesbian hipster from CA living in Augsburg, Germany 6 months out of the year with my girlfriend, Tanja. I have been following your blog ever.since Tanja and I started dating 3 years.ago. Now I live in 6.months in CA and 6 months in Augsburg. We do much traveling and love exploring the world. Tanja and I met in the Bahamas 3 years.ago and here we.are. Anyways, I have s3archimg for.other.expats to.connect with. So if you would like to connect or chat or visit Augsburg, we have an extra room. Come explore Augsburg. It is a wonderful city north of Munich.
    Cheers, Vera

    • Hey Vera – thanks for the message! No plans to get to Augsburg but would be happy to meet if/when I do – otherwise let me know if you’re ever passing through Berlin!

  6. Good to see other also enjoy travelling. I’m glad I have a hobby called: ‘collecting countries’ because on a hobby you can spend as much Money as you have to. So far I’ve collected 86, and in Sept I will visit number 87: Lithuania 88, Latvia and in november 89 Madagascar. But it’s taken some years, but I love it. Wonder which will be number 90 :)
    So keep on With travelling – best way to spend Your Money. hehehehe

    • So many countries, wow! I mostly agree: money spent on travel experiences is money well spent!

  7. WOW, I hope I will be able to travel like this one day. I want to see the world. I’ve been to US, Taiwan, the Philippines and Mexico so far.

    • Still an impressive list – haven’t been to Taiwan or The Philippines yet but both look beautiful. Mexico is one of my favorite destinations, I just haven’t been in years :/

  8. Brian

    Hi Adam

    Have you made any updates to the Berlin section of the site, say in the last week or so? Also, do you have anything for Barcelona?

    Spent 2 weeks in Rio for the World Cup last Summer. Had a great time and loved it there. If you go and want any suggestions, happy to help.


    • Hey Brian – I’ve got a lot of Barcelona recommendations on my blog. Look here.

  9. Jonathan

    Hi Adam, Great to read your posts. In Berlin and want to get Naked! in the park. Can you tell me exactly where? If mate, praying for a hot sunny day! If not it’ll be interesting

    • Haha enjoy :) It’s in the Tiergarten park — The exact location is marked where in my story you probably read about it!

  10. Ali

    Hey, will there be an article about Portugal? I ´m going there for the first time in summer and can´t wait to get some exciting hints on what to see ! :)

    • Hey Ali – Yes, definitely – but if I have one tip for Lisbon – it’s to go to the LX Factory – great restaurants, bars, cafés and an incredible bookshop there!

  11. TimUz

    Ok, this was interesting to check out. Wonder if you’ve ever been to Madrid cause that’s where I am going in September this year (via Rome). Cheers.

    • Hey Tim – Yep, been to Madrid several times – just use the search bar at the top of the page to find my stories :)

  12. Skyler Robertson

    This is mental. so cool that you get to do exactly what you want. You’re an inspiring bloke.

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