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Hipster Travel Apps

Announcing a new series of travel apps! Get the original Hipster City Guides now on iOS or the Google Play store. Get the original Hipster City Guides as downloadable travel apps (which work offline!) with exclusive content, new features and the ability to Ask Adam direct for travel tips!

Travel App - Hipster City Guides -

Travel App - Hipster City Guides - Guide – Berlin

A mecca of artists, bohemians and Europe’s creative class, Berlin is an old, historic city made new again thanks to a torn-down wall, a reunified country, and an influx of young, trendsetting individuals from around the world. Whether for world-class nightlife, new tech start-ups, unique fashion, cutting-edge art, or international food, visitors often fall in love with Berlin’s unique vibe, staying longer than expected and returning frequently.

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What’s included?

  1. Interactive map (available offline!)
  2. Bars
  3. Coffee shops
  4. Food & restaurant recommendations
  5. Best brunches
  6. Nightclubs
  7. LGBTQ bars
  8. Galleries and museums
  9. Touristy stuff
  10. Favorite parks & platz’s
  11. Hotel booking options
  12. Option to Ask Adam directly for tips
  13. Interactive ability to post comments and ask for event recommendations

This is an expanded version of the Hipster Guide to Berlin available exclusively from Travels of Adam.

Hipster Guide – Barcelona

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Hipster Guide – Manchester

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