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Change of Seasons: Winter is Coming (my travel diary)

Change of Seasons

I’m standing here at a bus stop, the sun is strong; it’s bright outside but my hands are cold.

I know it’s only October (just!), but this change of seasons doesn’t look like it’ll be easy. Generally speaking…I love change. The transition from spring to summer, the colorful change of leaves in autumn and the brisk fall weather that turns to snowstorms and long nights. The changes in weather are a constant reminder of this incredible planet we live on. I know that. In fact: I enjoy knowing that our weather is relatively unpredictable. That nature is still in control. While the end result of any change may not always be pleasant (see: winter), there’s still something pleasant about the change of seasons.

But this time, as Berlin’s weather changes from summer to sort-of-winter, I realize I’m not ready. I don’t want this season to end, this weather to change. My summer, though jam-packed full of adventure, seemed just a bit too short. What did I do? What did I accomplish? Does the winter weather mean an end to my as-of-yet unfulfilled plans?

I don’t want it to be winter. I know it’s still technically months away, but when it still looks like summer on many of my friends’ Facebook feeds, my wardrobe is a sad reminder of the too-short summer. I’m still holding out for a relapse into summer weather—even if brief. The sunshine is strong, but the weather is cold. In the meantime, I’m spending my time outside while I still don’t need gloves and a hat (and a scarf and long underwear and double sock layers….).

* * *

View photos of Berlin on my Instagram travel account: @travelsofadam

  1. Hogga says:

    i want to see the photo booth pics

    • Adam says:

      Haha yeah… They’re buried at the bottom of my bag, but these ones didn’t turn out as well as some others that I’ve got.

  2. Rebecca says:

    some great photos! nobody loves winter! :(

  3. ink says:

    I’ve never really experienced cold, cold winter..coming from the tropics.. except for snow mountains in Australia’s Mt Buller… maybe i will try Korea this winter.

    Cheers to a great winter ahead!

    • Adam says:

      Hope you find the winter that you’re looking for :) You’ll find me curled up in bed with a pot of tea and hopefully a few good books!

  4. Jeruen says:

    Urgh, winter is coming, don’t remind me of it. :(

    Seriously though, the other day, I was browsing the travel section of Dussmann looking for travel ideas on where to go to escape the winter for a little bit. I still have enough miles to get a round-trip within-Europe trip, so I might use that either in January or February. The only problem is to find a place warm enough with no rain.

    • Adam says:

      I’m already planning a January/February escape myself. Let me know if you find any good airfare deals!

  5. Pamela says:

    Living in a country that lies on the equator, I never experience a cold snowy winter before. The grass is always greener on the other side, I find myself wishing to witness the changing of the nature and to have more variation of clothes in the wardrobe!

    • Adam says:

      You’re absolutely right Pamela – the grass is always greener… And yes – I do love to change my wardrobe every season! Thanks for reminding me of the positives :)

  6. Raffaella says:

    Aw I know that feeling… but here in southern Tuscany it usually shows up later on in the year. You should visit the Maremma, really close to Germany but still quite warm and sunny!

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Rafaella for the tip! I haven’t heard of the Maremma region before. I’m actually planning to visit Tuscany in a few weeks. I’m in southwestern Germany at the moment and then going further south into Italy and making my way to Rome. Feel free to share any Tuscany tips with me here or on Facebook or something. Thanks so much!!

      • Raffaella says:

        Cool! Well I suggest visiting Porto Ercole (fishing village with a marina and Spanish forts), Giglio Island if you have time, Orbetello Lagoon or the Maremma Nature Park (for eco-tourism), Capalbio (hilltop medieval village) and the nearby esoteric Tarot Garden or Monteverro Winery for some wine tasting! You can also find some more ideas on my blog. Hope you enjoy, cheers!!

  7. Alisha says:

    Hey Adam! I’ve just stumbled across your blog and this post! I’m travelling back to Berlin on Monday until next year maybe but everyone I have spoke to when I was last in Berlin said about how bad the winter is!! :(

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