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Coffee in Jamaica Plain

So, I started drinking coffee about a year ago – just when work started to heat up, and I was beginning to feel semi-professional. There were a few months in there when I had 3 cups a day—not a lot compared to some people I know—but it was a lot for me. Since then, I’ve tried to cut back (as a cost-saving initiative) and now I generally consider it a treat and less of a necessity. That’s a relief. And not just for my wallet.

With that said, I still like to visit coffee shops. Especially on weekend afternoons when the weather is terrible (see Boston). Saturday, I headed for Velouria Espresso in Hyde Square. I’d read on Yelp that they serve delicious coffee from the infamous Clover machine. I’d been tempted to try it ever since I read about Starbucks’ takeover of the Clover company in March 2008 (press release). My verdict: delicious!

I had a Guatemalan blend (partly inspired by the fact that I was in Guatemala in June, and partly because I was cold and Guatemala makes me think warm thoughts) and loved it. It was a light blend, but still good. I didn’t even need to add milk, cream or sugar—almost always a must for my beginner coffee taste buds. I’ll definitely be visiting Velouria Espresso more often, despite the fact that there was very little seating (free wifi, though).

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