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Everything You Need to Know About Holiday Clothes for Men

At least for me, one of the first things to do before setting out on a holiday is choosing the outfits and clothes to bring. Women are supposed to be the ones that fret over every minute detail of their outfits, but times have changed. Men are now taking more pride in their appearance than ever before and, when it comes to choosing the right occasion to polish up, the annual holiday is right up there.

If you’re facing the daunting task of packing for a trip of your own, do follow the usual guidelines. It’s always worth jotting down the activities you’re planning to do in order to help you shop and pack accordingly. There’s nothing like stocking up on smart trousers and merino knitwear only to realize you’ll be spending most of your time on the beach.

Also consider how much space each garment will take up in your suitcase before purchasing it in store. Choose versatile pieces that could be considered suitable in a number of situations, giving you plenty of room in your suitcase for any souvenirs.

You’re likely to have a fair few other ‘tried and tested’ ways to conduct your holiday shopping, but here’s a few tips to send you the right way.

What to Wear Up Top

No more than two years ago, plain t-shirts or those sporting basic designs like stripes or stars could be picked up for pennies. In short, it’s because every male used designer logos and striking images to attract attention. Nowadays you’ll find basic garments anchoring color schemes, operating at the forefront of the outfit and helping men stand out in the sunshine.

So there’s the first item for your packing list: a selection of striped or plain t-shirts or polo tops in summery colors. You can wear them with any item of casual clothing providing you match your colors (have you heard of color-blocking?), and they’re great for daytime and evening wear. Layer your tee with a thin cardigan if the weather permits, but don’t feel you have to add too much to what’s already there.

By all means go down the designer route if a couple of pieces catch your eye, but you’d be wise not to spend too much money on what you’re bringing. This just saves everything ending in tears when your cherished items are forgotten in the club or ruined on the beach.

What to Wear Down Below

It’s always tempting to pack just one pair of jeans for when you expect the temperature will start to dip. Yes, if you’re going on a ski holiday or travelling somewhere relatively cold, by all means stick a pair of your favorite denims in the bag. If you’re not and the temperature is likely to be warmer than at home, make the most of the sunshine and color with a pair of chinos – slim fit being the popular choice, but that’s entirely optional.

With shorts it’s simply a case of what you’re comfortable being seen in. Some will opt for a pair just below their usual size in order to get a tighter fit, while others prefer to keep their thighs well covered. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that three-quarter length or ‘long’ shorts are out of a job. Also try not to wear shorts that are too baggy, as this will only enhance the fact that you don’t fill them.

Finding something with a relaxed fit and shorter length will give most of your legs some sunshine. As for materials, there’s no shortage of options to choose from; even denim is perfectly acceptable with a tighter fit. Just be sure to pack at least one pair with waterproof properties, as finding something that can stand a few splashes of water will save you having to be too careful around the beach.

Summery and vibrant feeling…with beads collected from around Europe

Accessorize…but go steady

Accessories are entirely optional for men, but if you know your stuff, you’ll know that packing a few pieces is just as important as finding a good quote for your holiday insurance (try Columbus Direct).

Obviously in scorching temperatures you don’t have the option of being able to layer garments in order to make your outfits appear more interesting. Regardless of what you’ve got at home in regards to comfy sweatshirts and thick crew-neck jumpers, it’s always best to dress to the conditions.

That’s not to say you can’t add to what might seem like quite a basic get up. Bringing along a couple of pendant necklaces or a suitable watch will add personal flair to your outfits and, perhaps most importantly, will make them unique from anyone else’s.

Still, you don’t have to be a fan of surfer jewelry & funky bracelets to add finishing touches to your holiday wear. A stylish backpack or satchel can also add colors to your outfit, whilst helping you carry your belongings. Failing this, use a slim-line belt to break up your shades and top off your look.

Choose Sensible Shoes

Obviously this rests on the type of holiday you take and where you’re going, but you can probably afford to leave the Oxford dress shoes at home. You’ll find that most people will opt for suede over leather when it comes to choosing their evening footwear.

Then comes the tricky decision of sorting your daytime selections. It almost goes without saying that if you’re planning on heading to the beach, invest in a decent pair of flip-flops (sorry, sandals remain very much an acquired taste). Deck shoes could also be handy for walks around the town if you do have a preference for something with laces and leather.

Alternatively, canvas slip-ons or white plimsolls—no socks—will give you comfort, style and that luxury of being able to walk into them and head straight outdoors. They’re also light, easy to pack and, providing you don’t go for a top-end pair, cheap to purchase.

Always Color Code

The sudden rebirth of tie-dye t shirts and fluorescent shorts are forcing both men and women to question whether matching shades is really worth the fuss. But for the more sophisticated male, proper preparation should include a good look at color palettes and sticking to them when picking outfits.

The hues of blue, black and white are neutral shades that will match up with almost anything you have in your suitcase. It’s often worth keeping these for your bottom layer and playing around a bit more with your top, as this is where most of your brighter shades should be placed.

Don’t however feel like you need to conform to the status quo by wearing block shorts, and the same applies to all of the points above. Choose affordable, stylish yet highly durable garments that will help you make the most out of your holiday.

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