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Follow me on Tumblr!

Tumblr is awesome.

I’ve been using it for months now and while I’m no expert, I definitely see the appeal of it. Plus, it’s so much fun!

I was first introduced to Tumblr through a few blogs I read, including Alison’s So Much Sass. When the New York Times published a big article on the value of Tumblr and its marketing potential, I decided to finally figure it out. That’s when Alisha so generously guided me through how to use it and how to make the most out of it.

My Tumblr account features exclusive posts from me, ones you won’t find either here, on Twitter or on Facebook. In fact, each and every one of those accounts features something a little different than the last, except this blog’s RSS. Never mind that.

On Tumblr, I post things like this:

  • snippets from news articles & op-eds about politics (specifically the US and Israel)
  • quotations from books
  • photos from my travels
  • things related to graphic design or art
  • my personal thoughts on the travel news, music & world affairs
  • plus you can ask me questions! About travel, life or whatever

So, if you’re not already, and if you already use it, please follow me on Tumblr. It’s the more hipster version of this blog. (Speaking of hipster, did you read my most recent post on hipster things to do in Tel Aviv?)

  1. alisha says:

    fuck yeah! thanks for the credit and glad you’re enjoying your new blogging platform :)

  2. Alison says:

    Aw this made my heart dance. So glad I can take some credit in getting you hooked! :)

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