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Graphic Design in Valencia


In Valencia, Spain. On a little alley off a side street near the city center. In an area buried under construction and renovation.

I’m sitting at a cardboard table in a cardboard chair (with arm rests, no less).


There are those Pantone mugs on a table in the corner. Adobe pillows hanging above the cash register. Neon-colored, deflated balloons wrapped around the bar stools. A book called Free Font Index sits on a shelf over the staircase.

Polaroids are clipped to the bar. A giant Taschen poster hangs on a lone wall. Nellie McKay remixes play on the radio.

This is very obviously a place I’m supposed to be. Spain. Valencia. Abroad.


While traveling I didn’t exactly expect to stumble into a coffee shop that triples as a café, studio & bookstore. Nor did I expect to find traces of graphic design and/or designers so easily in cities I never expected to visit. Graphic design is everywhere.


Inspiration is everywhere.

  1. alwyn says:

    Surprises appears at the most unexpected places…

  2. Adam says:


    So happy for that, too.

  3. Sasha says:

    This is so cool!!! I love how in Europe you can randomely find groovy little designery places!!! I would totally want to raid the books!!!

  4. Adam says:

    You're so right! Europe is full of impressive design shops.

  5. says:

    […] Graphic Design In Valencia at Travels of Adam […]

  6. Europe is full with graphic designer. You have done the good job. These pics are amazing. I like these pics keep it up.

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