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Instagramming Palestine

Instagram Palestine PhotosBack in January I had the chance to revisit Palestine. I’ve been touting it as a tourist destination for a while, so I was happy to revisit again after years of avoiding the Middle East. I thought I’d share a few of my Instagram photos from my trips around the West Bank in Palestine.

While I didn’t stay overnight (I was a guest at Abraham’s Hostel in Jerusalem), I did spend several days exploring Palestinian cities. On this particular visit I briefly visited Ramallah, took a self-guided day trip via public bus to Nablus, a self-guided day trip to Bethlehem and another day trip to Hebron (with this tour). All together, I definitely came away with a renewed interest in Palestine as a tourist destination. So much so that I bought a copy of the official Visit Palestine travel book. If you’re looking for similar travel resources for Palestine, I highly recommend the Educational Bookshop in Jerusalem—located just outside Damascus Gate of the Old City.

Taybeh beer

My favorite Middle Eastern beer: Taybeh! Brewed in Ramallah, Palestine

Ibrahim Mosque

Inside the Ibrahim Mosque at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. So many colors!


Hebron in the West Bank. What an intense city with a long, complicated history.


Another wall in Palestine at Checkpoint “HaMinharot”


Aida Refuge Camp in Bethlehem, Palestine


Just a snapshot of Nablus in the West Bank (Palestine). It’s a very commercial city in a valley – and very scenic!

If you’ve enjoyed my Instagram photos from Palestine, be sure to follow me as “travelsofadam” on Instagram. I try to just share a single photo a day.

  1. incredible photos – what a glimpse!

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for the great compliment! And yes, this is just a tiny glimpse of Palestine – it’s such a diverse and interesting country & region – well worth a visit!

  2. This is really powerful. Normally I associate Instagram with more trivial things like documenting one’s lunch… not with such a little-understood and little-seen (yet HUGELY important) place as Palestine! Thanks for this.

    • Adam says:

      Instagram has many uses! One thing I was conscious of when sharing photos from Palestine in my Instagram feed, was to make sure not everything was political. While Palestine is often in the news and often at the center of political discussions, it’s still a place where millions of people live, work and study. I think that’s as important as the politics that might surround any discussion of Palestine.

  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks for bringing us Palestine on Instagram! An excellent destination for sights, food, and extremely friendly people!

    • Adam says:

      My pleasure Stephen. I’m only too happy to share one of my favorite destinations!

  4. Valeri Rajaniemi says:

    oh my, this awesome carpet there, I’d love to go to Palestine

    • Adam says:

      So much rich history, beautiful designs & amazing food! Thanks for your comment Valeri.

  5. Really enjoyed your post, Adam! We were in Palestine in 2005 — in Hebron and Ramallah. We have a soft spot for the Palestinians. We hope you’ll consider checking out our blog (under the blog section of the website We’ve written a post on visiting Arafat’s grave! Cheers, Jill.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for sharing the link Jill. Very interested to hear your opinion on visiting Arafat’s grave.

      Looking forward to reading more, Adam

  6. Cat of Sunshine and Siestas says:

    Living abroad, I realize just how little I know of the world. Palestine has to be an emotionally riveting sort of place.

    Por cierto, I’ve recently been to a lot of places on your bucket list. Let me know if I can be of any help for Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, or my hometown of Chicago!

  7. Thanks Adam for the instagram pictures of Palestine. It looks like a very lovely place. nice pictures.

  8. Awesome shots…even more amazing trip!

  9. Larissa says:

    I agree, Adam. Palestine is a fascinating place. . .we crossed over from Jordan via the Allenby Bridge with hundreds of Palestinians–a very memorable experience!

  10. What an amazing collection of photos. And what range — from the carpets of the Ibraham Mosque to the Aida refugee camp.

  11. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family says:

    Great pictures Adam. What a fascinating place to visit, even just for the day.

  12. I’d love to visit Palestine now that things seemed to have calmed down there a bit. Did you feel safe when you went?

  13. We are very excited about visiting Palestine this July when we go for the Maccabiah Games. It was at first hard to ascertain exactly what is considered Palestine as it seems to keep changing. This post helps with that and also gives us some ideas of places and things not to miss. Mindy will try the beer for sure. :)

    • Adam says:

      Glad to hear that you’ll visit Palestine on your trip to the Middle East. I can give you some more recommendations as well, just shoot me an e-mail :)

  14. Eliane says:

    Thanks for visiting Palestine :) I have been twice to Ramallah and I loved it. The Middle East is a fantastic place to go. I hope to go back one day.

    • Adam says:

      My pleasure. I’ve been to Ramallah a few times and really enjoyed my time there as well.

  15. I’m so fascinated by the middle east and it’s definitely on the list of places I have to go!
    Thanks for the great post and pictures

  16. Jennifer says:

    Awesome shots, Adam! I haven’t been to Israel yet, but it’s looking like I’ll be there in October. I definitely want to include Palestine on my visit.

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