Details on a 4-week collaboration with the did deutsch-institut in Berlin. Partners for this project included the German language school, Latitude International Education Consulting and Hostelbookers.

The partnership with the did deutsch-institut included a 4-week course during which I would post a blog every day on a site set up specifically for the project: My Berlin Story. Daily posts featured content from the German language course, as well as life in Berlin—tracking my progress in learning the German language.

German language dictionary

Social Media

All posts were shared across @travelsofadam social media (Twitter and Facebook), as well as a vast majority through the Latitude Travel @gostudywork social media (Twitter and Facebook). HostelBookers, as a sponsor, promoted occasional posts about life and travel in Berlin (such as Berlin hotels and Berlin food for travelers on the MyBerlinStory website) through social media. Additionally, the project was also promoted following the completion of the language course through the @I_amGermany rotation curation account.

Published posts

On, 38 blog posts were published before, during and after the language course. In the first 2.5 months of the blog’s existence, the site received over 4,500 views. In the first month of the blog’s existence, during the language course promotion, the MyBerlinStory blog received 23 subscribers. A sidebar advertisement on was significant in driving targeted traffic from the main travel blog, to the Berlin-specific blog.

In addition to the daily coverage on social media and the blog, posts were also published on to reach over 800 RSS & e-mail subscribers:

Media coverage

  • Featured in the Latitude Travel and did deutsch-institut newsletters, January 2013
  • Featured in a My Destination blog interview, January 2013
  • Featured on the Get Amen blog, November 2013
  • Featured on the AFAR Magazine website, February 2013

Reader engagement and feedback

I received numerous e-mails and feedback from the project, including direct questions about my language school and about living in Berlin, in addition to regular queries about travel & tourism in Berlin. Here are a sample from direct e-mails I received.

From people amused and interested in the project…

As an ancient teacher for French I am very much amused by your efforts to learning German. Let me suggest you Mark Twains remarks about the awful German language. The way he writes about it is very funny but also very true. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and still go on improving your German skills. — R.B. (native Berliner)

Specific queries related to the language school:

What course book are you working from, I’m learning German and would like to get a book like that. — JW

I am seriously considering having Berlin be my second stop [on a 3-month trip through Europe]. If Berlin does end up being my second stop, I would certainly enroll in a month-long German course at the DID over there. I would therefore appreciate any feedback you could give me at this point regarding the DID. They seem to have a pretty robust accommodation service compared the Goethe Institute. From reading your blog, I gather that you probably do not live in DID organized housing, but would appreciate any feedback that you may have heard regarding DID organized host family stays as well as the DID organized studio apartments (the ones that cost around 1000 euros per month). I am somewhat of a “study abroad” veteran having stayed with host families in France, Germany, and Spain in the past, but it’s been a while since I, like an idiot, gave up that lifestyle. — B.D.

Specific queries about accommodation in Berlin

Hi there, I follow your Hipster blog and have now been coaxed (by you) to start reading your Berlin Story. I am interested in doing something similar. I lived for a couple of months in Berlin in 2011, but would love to dedicate a year in doing something more worthwhile than seeing the sites. We’re (husband and me) are looking to head out to Berlin in 3 years time for a year after he’s completed his Psychotherapy training in the UK. My question is where do look and what is the process of renting an apartment in Berlin. I don’t have the budget to stay in a hotel for the duration (nor have any inclination to do so) and want to have something fairly central, perhaps a studio or one bedroom unit. Can you recommend any resources? websites etc that could lead me in the right direction. I want to go to a language school too, my German is okay for ordering beer but that’s where it peaks! So I am following your blog with interest. How many weeks have you signed up for? — J.W.

SEO and search-traffic statistics

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Information in this case study is valid as of January 30, 2013

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