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Updated July 2012

Destination recommendations

“I wanted to say thanks for highlighting Breaking the Silence. The very first time I ever considered visiting this area was when I met a Belgian diplomat in Peru who had been through the area a few times and said it was as simple as renting a car, which blew my mind. The second time I considered it, and decided to actually visit, was reading about your experience.  So thanks for sharing!” —Nicole T., USA

Providing inspiration

“I think it’s so amazing that you actually did what you wanted to do and went to travel the world. I read your info and found that I share many of the same desires to travel, learn and find inspiration, as you do. Therefore you’ve actually really inspired me to go for it.” —Sofia R., Spain

“When I met you, you said your blog was embarrassing. I find it quite interesting!” —Henriette D., France

“Let me congratulate you on your website, found it through a random Google search for moving abroad alone and there’s some great stuff on there.  What really interests me is how much your story parallels mine” —Quincy S., Atlanta, USA

Questions & advice

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