This travel sweepstakes ran from March 15, 2016 to April 15, 2016. Entries were collected at

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Sweepstakes Details

The sweepstakes included a prize of:

  • airfare for 1 winner (and a guest) from anywhere Delta flies in the USA or Canada to San José, Costa Rica.
  • 6-day itinerary provided by, including hotels, tours and airport transfers. See the full prize description here.
  • For the full terms of the sweepstakes, click here.

Email Marketing Campaign

The following e-mails were sent to subscribers to promote the campaign:

Content Marketing on

To keep the contest top-of-mind for fans and site visitors of, the contest was promoted in a series of editorial content about Costa Rica. The following blog articles were published during the promotion period with mentions and clearly-marked, in-content ads to generate added interest in the destination, the partners and the sweepstakes:

There were 4,500+ views of the above Costa Rica content during the promotion period with the average user spending 2:38 time on site.

Media Coverage

The following media articles were published during the promotion period.

Social Media Ad Campaign

To increase the potential reach of the campaign, social media ads were booked on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See a sample here:

Facebook proved to be the most effective ad platform leading to conversions, followed by Instagram.


In the first 24 hours of the campaign, there were over 300 confirmed and verified email entries. Within two weeks of the sweepstakes, there were over 2,000 confirmed and verified email entries and a total of 3,800 entries by the end of the 30-day promotion.

The following outlines the most popular sites leading to conversions (confirmed entries):

  • Facebook – 719 conversions
  • Twitter – 318 conversions
  • Direct (from – 241 conversions
  • – 55 conversions
  • Instagram – 31 conversions
  • Reddit – 30 conversions
  • LinkedIn – 9 conversions

Additional referrals came from contest/sweepstakes websites including, and These were links added not by the host(s) of the contest, but rather by entrants looking for additional referral entries.

This chart shows you how many leads were generated over time. There was a 45.1% conversion rate from the page visitors to signups.

Costa Rica - Leads Generated
Costa Rica – Leads Generated

The following chart shows the gender make-up of all contest entrants (3,800).

Costa Rica - Gender of entrants
Gender of entrants

Design Assets

The following design and image assets have been made available for partners and media to use when promoting or covering the sweepstakes. Additional images are available upon request. Please contact Adam: [email protected]

Win an LGBT Holiday to Costa Rica - Travels of Adam Win an LGBT Trip to Costa Rica Win an LGBT Trip to Costa Rica Win an LGBT Trip to Costa Rica wincostarica-300x600-island wincostarica-300x250-kiss wincostarica-300x250-island2 wincostarica-300x250-unicorn wincostarica-300x250-beach wincostarica-300x250-volcano2 wincostarica-300x250-island wincostarica-300x250-volcano wincostarica-300x600-green wincostarica-300x600-volcano wincostarica-640x360-island wincostarica-640x360-green wincostarica-640x360-waterfall wincostarica-640x360-kiss wincostarica-640x360-manuelantonio wincostarica-640x360-food wincostarica-640x360-unicorn wincostarica-640x360-gayhotel wincostarica-828x315-fbcover wincostarica-1200x444-fbad

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