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#MusicMonday: 3 Bands from Around the World

A few weeks ago I wrote about three of my favorite international bands (in my case, outside of America). I focused on Sigur Rós from Iceland, Xavier Rudd from Australia and Phoenix from France. This week, I’ve got some songs perfect for rainy days—quiet, soft & uplifting.


Kings of Convenience, “I’d Rather Dance With You”

Perfect for a rainy day, don’t you think? This band always makes the cut on my winter-themed playlists.


Youth Group, “Forever Young”

No joke: I listened to this one song on repeat during my 14-hour flight from Sydney to Honolulu. Of course, I think I was asleep most of that flight (there was no time for sleep while I was in Australia—only beer, sun & fun). I think this song got a little cliche once it made the cut onto the TV series The O.C., but whatever, I still like it.


Jose González, “Heartbeats”

If this song doesn’t make you melt, then you’ve got a problem. Plus, it’s paired with one of my all-time favorite TV commercials. The images & the sounds just work perfectly together.

  1. beersNbananas says:

    You and I are “music from countries other than the US” soulmates. Love Kings of Convenience.

  2. A friend of mine just gave me a copy of Kings of Convenience's music. So far so good.

  3. Adam says:

    I actually don't even have their newest album. Gotta check it out and see if it compares to their first (an all-time favorite).

  4. Adam says:

    That's awesome! I've never seen KoC live. JEALOUS.

  5. Adam says:

    haha I love music. Do you go to many shows in Boston?

    I'm seeing Miike Snow (from Sweden) in a few weeks.

  6. I love KoC! And they're coming to Manila end of march *excited*. I'd play 'Homesick' while travelling over and over. I listen to Jose Gonzales too.

  7. beersNbananas says:

    My dad works at the House of Blues so sometimes I get the hook up, and I would LOVE to go to a show every week but most of the time I'm too broke-ass-broke. :)

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