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Pepo – The New App For New Connections, Interesting Stories & Advice

For the past month or so, I’ve been using a new social media app called Pepo. It’s a mix of a lot of our favorite features from other social media but all in one place. A way to connect with others and share stories, tips and advice. Through the app, you can do a number of different things to make these connections. Each one unique and a surprisingly fun way to interact with people from around the world.

As an early adopter and sort of brand ambassador, here are my tips for using Pepo for new connections. It’s free, easy and (actually) fun. Sign up here and then make sure to join my Travels of Adam Pepo Channel where I’m always sharing my latest and greatest travel tips.

4 Fun Social Features on Pepo

• • •
Live Q&As

With the newest Pepo release, there’s a great new way to engage with other users—live question & answer chats! Users on Pepo can now submit questions through individual channels (each a specific topic such as Gay Backpacking, Tel Aviv Tips, Design & Interiors, Hipster Berlin, Luxury Travel…) and the owner of the chat can then answer questions. Questions and answers can be replied via text, video, images, links, and more.

There’s a “talk live” feature which I’m enabling this week for a live Q&A on my Travels of Adam Pepo channel to talk about my best travel tips, gay-friendly destinations, hipster hotspots or whatever else you want to ask! Join in the conversation and get some live video replies from me this Wednesday, March 22 from 6-10pm in Berlin (5-9pm in London or 1-5pm in New York City). Most creative questions will get the most creative replies ;-)

Pepo App - Travels of Adam

Join me for a live Q&A on Pepo

I’ll be coming at you live from Facciola Bar during my monthly “Make Friends in Berlin” meet-up with blog buddy Cheryl Howard. If you’re in Berlin, why not join live? Here are the event details.

• • •

Pepo - The New App For New Connections, Interesting Stories & Advice - Travels of Adam -

Pepo - The New App For New Connections, Interesting Stories & Advice - Travels of Adam - emojis. If ever there was an app that was emoji-heavy, it’s this one! Every post and status through the app can receive emoji-replies and they’re so much fun because they’re also interactive. I’ve used the emoji-reply feature to run make-shift polls (what should I do next month during my Spanish language course?) but also just to gauge what people really think of my travel updates.

• • •
Live Spotlight Videos

Pepo - The New App For New Connections, Interesting Stories & Advice - Travels of Adam -

If you’ve been living in a hole this year, you might not know: but live video is pretty much the darling of 2017. It’s like a battle of which app wants to eat up the most amount of data. But the live video feature on Pepo is a little different than some of the others. First off, in true Pepo-fashion, the app lets you decide which emoji to use for the live reactions (I’m partial to the double pink hearts—twice the amount of love!). Second, the videos (only available for 24 hours) show up in your feed for all the users if they visit your channel during the 24-hour period. You can also add graphics and text over the live Spotlight videos to really show up what you’re up to or where you are.

• • •
Channels for Every Interest

Pepo - The New App For New Connections, Interesting Stories & Advice - Travels of Adam -

Seemingly at the core of the Pepo app is a desire for people to be able to connect with those that share their interests. So it’s natural that there is literally a channel discussion for just about every user’s interest—and if there isn’t one already, it’s easy to become a host and start your own channel!

I’ve joined a handful of different channels and branched out from my usual gay travel chats. I really love the ones on food where some users are sharing their recipes, or there are quite a few design-focused ones on everything from the best Pantone colors to interior design and shopping. It’s a lot of fun to engage with people who share your passion in a fun and social way. Pepo makes these connections easier and easier with every app update.

• • •

Join Pepo for free to engage in on some of these conversations—and of course to engage with me in even sillier and more social ways. Don’t forget I’ll be live on the app chatting about travel and whatever other questions you’ve got later this week. And in the meantime, you’ll find my Spotlight live travel video updates all month!

  1. Stuart Falk says:

    Pepo is another start-up from serial entrepreneur Jason Goldberg. Based on his track record, (remember Fab?) I’d stay away.

    • Adam says:

      Hey Stuart – Yep, I’m super-familiar with Fab as I had a lot of friends working there and used to love the site. That’s why I’m happy to give Pepo a chance!

  2. Awesome to see you’ve joined Pepo app like we have and you’ve been enjoying it so much! We love the new Q&A feature and I’ve been recently on fire asking video questions to fellow travel bloggers and foodies. There is always so much to ask! We’re going to the Maldives next so expect some beach pictures on eTramping channel.

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