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Top reasons why I love my iPod Touch (1 of 2)

I can’t get enough of this thing—my iPod touch! I know I probably use it excessively—always seeking out a free wifi (pronounced weefee) connections. But it really is one of the most useful things in my pocket. Eventually I’ll actually compile a complete list of the most useful apps for travel (it’s been done before I know) but in the meantime I’ll just ramble.

Reading the News on an iPod Touch

This wasn’t something I’d actually thought much about before getting on the road, but as it has turned out, reading the news is one of my new favorite pastimes. Sure, I used to check and every 20 minutes at work (just in case I needed to know something), but now I actually have the time to read full articles besides the top headlines. That’s pretty sweet.

I’m now way more informed on world affairs. And I’m paying a lot more attention to international news that I would rarely have seen or heard before.

So… which apps am I using?

  • NYTimes (free): It’s one of the best designed apps for offline use. It quickly & easily downloads your preferred topics and saves them on your iPod so you can read them later. Seriously well designed so it uses minimal battery life.
  • NPR News (free): Stories are usually more interesting. Plus it’s a reliably good news source.
  • BBC News (free): Useful for international news. Can’t go too wrong with the BBC. Trusted internationally.
  • TheAtlantic (free): In-depth news articles. Business and politics-focused.
  • The Guardian ($3.99 USD): This is one of my favorite papers so I shelled out the cash for it. It takes a while to download for offline reading, but it generally works well.

There are obviously a lot of other news apps but these are the ones I use and trust the most. All of them allow for social media sharing of news articles which I generally enjoy doing. (You’ve probably already realized that if you follow me on Twitter.)

What else do I use my iPod touch for? All sorts of things. Check back next week for part 2 of reasons why I love my iPod Touch.

Click here to view part two of this series on top reasons why I love my iPod Touch

  1. NickLaborde says:

    I don't have an IPod Touch But I've grown very attached to my IPhone. I don't even use my laptop as much as I used to because of it.

    It's certainly will be a necessity when I embark on my world travel adventures next year.

  2. Adam says:

    Nick, I use my laptop less and less, too. It's so much easier to just whip out the iPod. Good luck on your travels! I'll be interested to hear what you're planning. Keep in touch!

  3. Hey, Neywork times is not free now.I have to pay a monthly donation for reading this newspaper.I love iPod touch because of its music quality.

  4. I also like iPod touch for the best sound quality while travelling in differant places in the world.I like best the one of the place is Bahamas
    See details

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