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What I’ve been up to in the new year

Travels of Adam on Instagram

My Instagram photos from the past month or so

Sorry for the delay in writing. If you were actually reading, that is. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and there are a lot of things to share and write about. But sometimes my motivation escapes me. Please pardon the blog-ese (blog-speak?) but here are a few tidbits of my recent life from Berlin:

  • rediscovered how much I love being creative and doing graphic design (see my semi-new and refreshed design portfolio)
  • playing around with this strange thing called “iphoneography” since getting my new iphone in december (see my instagram photo gallery)
  • set up a new section on this blog specifically for sharing my travel photos and the odd stories & travel tips that go with them (check out my new travel photos section)
  • blogging about gay travel on (read my first guest post, called “hipsters travel better”)
  • continually dreaming of london
  • trying to decide on my next trip

If you remember, I spent a lot of November and December traveling (shocking for a travel blogger, I know). I spent the last month+ eating turkey in America, chocolate in Germany and hummus in Jordan, with plenty of glühwein in between trips. Now I’m comfortably settled back in Berlin, figuring out my life and the next event.

Peace out.

(Oh yeah, I also created a Travels of Adam Recommends page where I plan to put all the actual recommendations I have. It’s still a work in progress but check it periodically to see my newest interests and recommendations)

  1. Life happens… so sometimes blogging doesn’t.  :P  I really like your post on hipsters — they get such a bad rap, but mostly I think that’s because hipsters make an easy group to hate on.  It’s like being anti-hipster is now the “cool” thing to do.  That’s more annoying than annoying hipsters, imo.

    • Adam says:

      Thanks Christy & Kali!

      Blogging is definitely lower on the priorities right now. But as of today, I think I may have my visa situation sorted out so that’s one less thing to worry about!

      And glad to see some hipster support!

  2. Franco says:

    Back to the grind? Good luck!

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