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So I started a video blog…

… a vlog, if you will.

This is different than the short travel videos I’ve posted to my official YouTube channel. Because I’ve been reflecting the past few weeks on how I use the internet, I realized there was something missing in the Travels of Adam brand. I’m not a brand myself (oh god, can you imagine?!), but with my name plastered all across this website, I want to make sure that I’m accessible. Well, that. But also, when I worked professionally before leaving on my gap year, and growing up as a kid—people used to always comment on my smile. I suppose everyone always compliments smiles, but I seriously used to be a smileholic—I was addicted to the action of turning up my lips. Smiles are infectious and they’re a great way to connect with strangers—however briefly.

So while this blog is a great place to showcase my own photography, I realized I’m missing in quite a few of my own photos. That’s because I, more often than not, travel solo. And I just haven’t mastered the art of taking a selfie. And while my vlog videos are less-than-stellar, it’s really me. I’m experimenting and just using the new YouTube channel as a place to experiment talking in front of a camera, to have some fun showcasing what I’m doing, and, well…because I was bored this week.

I know I’ve got some practice to do. I need to learn how to stutter less (“umm”), to stare into the camera, to position myself and to edit appropriately. The goal for this video blog is to be quick, open and honest. I want to share more about my life and what I’m thinking, not just the travel stories that get featured here on the blog.

So, with that announcement…if you have any burning questions you’d like me to answer — travel, blog or expat related — why not leave them in a comment here or over on my YouTube channel (view it here). I’ll gather up some questions and start a Q&A vlog!

In the meantime, check out the video blogs I posted this week.

vlog #1: What the hell am I doing?

Semi-drunk vlogging from the Baumblütenfest in Werder, Germany

May 1st in Berlin: more public drinking!

“Thanks for watching” from sunny Berlin

Oh, and one other thing. I’m going to try my best to *not* video-blog from my bedroom. The point of doing this is as much for me as for anyone else who might stumble upon it. I want to get out and explore even more! (Yes, I already explore and travel quite a bit because of this blog, but I seem to be addicted to the thrill of new media and new things to do.)

Subscribe to my new YouTube channel.

  1. hey adam we’re too fugly to start a video blog. yours is cool though, keep up the amazing work! greetings from your Filipino fans! :)

    • Adam says:

      Thank you so much for the nice words! It can be tough to put yourself out there but so far, so good.

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