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What an exciting time to be in Israel…I think

I like being here. I really do.

Without sounding too naive (or optimistic?), it really feels like there is a lot happening here. Maybe this is just the first time I’ve been so aware of what’s actually happening here (it is). Maybe this is just the first time I’ve really been able to dedicate any time to a cause or belief (it is). Maybe I’m just an ignorant fool (probably). No matter the reason, I like being here. I like seeing things.

My internship with the Geneva Initiative has given me the chance to learn a lot more about the conflict here. I like being aware. I am here, after all.

On being aware

I read once that you start seeing things in the news once you’ve actually been there. You may think and feel that it’s all-of-a-sudden in the news, but it’s actually been there all along—you just notice it now because you’ve got a connection. That’s been the case for me everywhere I’ve been so far. Whenever a country I’ve been to makes the headlines, I always stop for a second. A good thing.

Anyways, this post (as all of them have been recently) is a bit of a ramble, i.e. just some random thoughts. I did want to share some news about Israel, though:

  • First of all, it looks like direct negotiations between Israel’s PM Netanyahu and the Palestinian Authority’s President Abbas will begin in Washington DC on Sept 2. This is good news. It’s the first time in 20 months. With a 1-year timeline, maybe some progress will be made. I won’t hold my breath but I’ll still remain optimistic. I haven’t been broken down entirely yet.
  • Foreign workers’ children in Israel are due to be deported. I’m a little hazy on this news, except that it somewhat mimics an anti-immigration, anti-birthright tone that I was fairly familiar with in America. Border issues are contentious, and it’s interesting to see it play out here in Israel. Frustrating, too, though I don’t know all the implications. It just feels wrong. But that’s the humanity inside me.
  • Other things. Too political to get into for the time being.

Alright, I hope I haven’t come across as too opinionated (I am), too righteous (I’m not) or too philosophical (maybe).

On being active

I’ll close this with some photos from some rallies I stumbled across in Tel Aviv. Rallies seem to occur fairly frequently here, though maybe I’m just noticing them because I’m more aware than I normally would be.

Demonstration Against Deportation

Demonstration Against Deportation

Demonstration Against Deportation


Demonstration against Bedouin Village destruction, 10th August 2010

Demonstration against Bedouin Villages, 10th August 2010

  1. Ayngelina says:

    Wow it sounds like such an interesting time, I love the image of the photo. Looking forward to how your impressions evolve as you spend more time there.

  2. Some great learning and awareness opportunities here and it looks like a truly interesting experience that you are involved in. I like your pictures of the rally!

  3. Adam says:

    Thanks Ayngelina! My thoughts on Israel are in a state of constant flux.

  4. Adam says:

    thanks dude! I’m trying to get the most out of my time here… and photographing rallies & crowds can be a lot of fun

  5. Earl says:

    Your volunteer work is definitely going to provide you with some insights that most of us don’t have access to, so make sure you keep sharing the information you learn!

  6. Adam says:

    You’re right about that, Earl! Don’t worry, I can’t really shut up about it. Trying to keep my cool for the time being, though.

  7. […] I felt that my internship and the news about continued direct talks made me feel like it was an exciting time to be in Israel. By the end, most of my optimism for peace had faded away. That’s not to say I’m a […]

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