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Where do you come from? #ReaderLove

I was recently mentioned in a post on Heels and Wheels Online about the #ReaderLove challenge from Waegook Tom. I thought it was an interesting topic: list the ten countries where you get the most visits on your blog. I don’t check my analytics very often anymore. (Don’t get me wrong, I used to check compulsively every day, but now I just can’t be bothered.) So I decided to take this opportunity to see where all my visitors are coming from. WHO ARE YOU?

visitors to by country

In reverse order, the countries with the most visits to are…. 

10. Spain

Nice to see that the country where I started my trip still brings in some traffic. Hola!

9. Thailand

No wonder about this because I absolutely fell in love with Thailand when I was there a few months ago. If you’re there now, please please please have some delicious food for me. Berlin isn’t cutting it with the Asian food.

8. Philippines

Yeah, Philippines is always popping up. In my mind or online. I considered going there when I was in Southeast Asia, but never actually made it because I couldn’t ever find cheap flights.

7. Israel & the Palestinian territories

Not too surprised about this because I’ve spent a lot of time blogging about Israel. My thoughts and opinions on the country have changed a lot over time, and a lot of that internal dialogue came out in some controversial posts on this site.

6. India

I spent three months in India and only have 15 blog posts on the country, several of which I didn’t even post until after I’d left. India influenced me a lot and it’s something I haven’t discussed much online. Though if you’ve met me in person, you’ve probably told me to shut up about India already.

5. Australia

I’ve had a bit of a love affair with Australia for a while, though it’s been over five years since I was last there. If you’re there now, be careful. And have a Victoria Bitter for me. Or an Oporto chicken burger.

4. Canada


3. UK

Agan, I love the UK and it’s been over five years since I’ve been back. You’re probably just here because we speak the same language, even if your version has extra letters in it. With any luck, I’ll have a lot more to say about the UK in the near future.

2. Germany

Hallo! I’m in Berlin now, and there’s no expected departure date. And I freaking love this city.

1. America

Hi Mom!

  1. Robyn Jacqueline says:

    eh? thats all we Canadians get?

  2. Amy Schiele says:

    Hell yeah get over to London! :D

  3. Nisha says:

    That’s a very interesting post … to see where our readers come from. The moment I read this, I checked mine. 
    Should I give a shout out too ? :) 
    okay, will do so soon.

    • Adam says:

      yes! do it. it was interesting to see… mine had fluctuated a bit since the last time i’d checked

  4. California over here! I just posted something similar to this over on our site. Our blog has been live for a month and it’s crazy to see how there are already visitors from 42 countries! 

    • Adam says:

      the internet is HUGE isn’t it? it’s always surprising to see where people come from and what they’re doing here.

  5. So glad you joined!!! It is interesting to see, right!? I like your shout out to Mom at #1! haha

  6. So glad you joined!!! It is interesting to see, right!? I like your shout out to Mom at #1! haha

  7. So glad you joined!!! It is interesting to see, right!? I like your shout out to Mom at #1! haha

  8. So glad you joined!!! It is interesting to see, right!? I like your shout out to Mom at #1! haha

  9. says:

    Haha I used to check those stats religiously too…it can be quite addicting! Most of my readers are American, followed by Germans, then canadians, australians, and Brits.

    You’re lucky to be in Berlin! I’m planning on moving to Germany next year!

    • Adam says:

      Very cool. Germany had never been on my mind before I got here, but Berlin caught my attention and then has just kept it ever since!

  10. Yes. Eh is where it’s at. Great post Adam, coming to you from a my local Tim Horton’s

    • Adam says:

      hahahhahahahahhahah! Oh man, I am so sick of hearing about how awesome Tim Horton’s is. Admittedly, I’ve actually never been – even though they’re all over the northeast US too!

  11. B Groffman says:

    Hi Adam.  Love your blog and especially love your video clips.

  12. […] friend Adam of ‘Travels of Adam’ recently wrote a post called ‘Where Do You Come From? #ReaderLove’ where he listed the 10 countries that visit his site the most. Cool huh? This concept was inspired […]

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