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Travel photo from Petra

Travels of Adam? Travels of a wombat. Wombat Wednesday follows Mr Wombat on his travels around the world.

Petra photo

This photo was taken at the High Place of Sacrifice, one of many amazing spots in the gigantic Petra. Apparently, Mr Wombat’s got a thing for sacrificial tourism spots.

Petra, Jordan was one of those places that wasn’t necessarily on my to-do list, but everyone kept recommending it and it really was very close. There didn’t seem to be a reason to skip it. And boy am I glad I didn’t! My two (or was it three?) days in Jordan were a lot of fun. I wish I’d stayed longer.

(I’ll write more about Petra later, and also share more of my photos—I took about a gazillion.)

PS. Wombats are awesome.

  1. That landscape is rugged and barren, looks nice, though I’m sure it could dehydrate you rapidly.

    Looking forward to those posts about Petra and the pics!

  2. sarah benjamin says:

    If you can, visit Mt. Sinai at sunrise. One of the most memorable and stunning visual moments I’ve ever experienced. It’s trafficked, yes, but well worth it.

    I love Wombat Wednesdays!

  3. Adam says:

    Oh man, it was so so so hot at Petra. Ticket prices are cheaper during the summer, though. And even then it’s not cheap! Water, as usual, was overpriced, but there was little you could do about it. Especially on the longer hikes.

  4. Adam says:

    Thanks Sarah!

    I was at Mt Sinai in July. Absolutely amazing experience. It was one of the seminal places I wanted to visit on my trip.

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