Street art in Jerusalem isn’t always political (PHOTOS)

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Rather like my photo post from Bethlehem last week, I think I’ll just make this a short collection of some of my favorite photos of the street art in Jerusalem.

The street art in Jerusalem is often politically motivated. Sometimes the graffiti is vandalism: racist and derogatory messages. But not all of it. As much division, hate and separatism there is in Jerusalem, there is still hope, peace and love. For example, this first image shows a piece of street art I spotted while on a walking tour of Musrara. Underneath a street marker showing the direction of the nearest bomb shelter, an artist has painted a copy in blue, with arrows pointing in both directions toward “love.”

Enjoy the photos of Jerusalem’s street art below, and view additional photos from my most recent trip in my online photo album.

Muslala street art
Love is Forever (Jerusalem)
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art
Jerusalem street art

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  1. Nice to see some happiness in the Street Art there. I am assuming you are an expert in Street Art living in Berlin. Jerusalem seems to be giving Berlin a run for its money in the amount of street art. After taking a graffiti lesson, I have a new found respect for their talents. It’s difficult to control that can of paint.

  2. For a taste of true inspiration from the streets of Jerusalem, you should see the works of the first graffiti / street artist in Jerusalem: INSPIRE (aka: Idiot The Wise)
    …and more on the artist’s website:

  3. i love looking street arts and graffiti

  4. Hi Adam,

    I live in west Jerusalem.
    If you’re still in Jerusalem I have a few suggestions of places you may have not visited yet in west Jerusalem:

    1. Yemin Moshe and Mishkanot Sha’ananim neighborhoods just west to the old city – you can see their red roofs and Montefiore windmill from Jaffa gate.

    2. The German colony, Bak’a, Rehavia, Talbiya neighborhhods in west Jerusalem – very nice, green, peaceful neighborhoods with interesting architecture, some good coffee shops and other eateries.

    3. The valley of the cross – home to the monestary of the cross. an Island of natures in the heart of west Jerusalem near the Israel museum.

    4. the Jerusalem cinematheque near Yemin Moshe – nice building, films (they have a free program brochure in English as well), great views to the old city mount Zion.


    • Hey thanks for the great recommendations! I’ve visited the Montefiore windmill before and the German Colony – nice areas! Cool to hear about the films at Yemin Moshe – maybe I’ll check it out on my next visit!

  5. You got some great shots!

    • Thank you Alana

  6. A fantastic collection of images – the twelfth photo really made me smile.

    • I really like that one as well – it’s very sweet :)

  7. I have never been to Israel, but I really like your photos of the street art. When I studied in Granada, Spain there was a lot of it there that I really enjoyed. Israel is a place I would love to go to someday.

    • Southern Spain is full of some really interesting street art, Mike. And, yep, the street art in Israel is as fascinating as the rest of the culture.

  8. We just booked our tickets to Israel so we were so happy to read this post as we are very excited about our upcoming trip. Our favorite was the one of the elephant. :)

    • Oh I’m glad to hear you’re headed to Israel (and I hope Palestine, too) for a visit! When will you be there? I’m hoping to be back in Tel Aviv in June for a weekend :)

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