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Travel blogs, stories and tips to help with language learning whether you’re at home or abroad – with specific tips and tricks for learning German or learning Spanish in study abroad programs, online courses and travel experiences.

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Learn Languages While Traveling

Quick tips, blogs and recommendations for learning languages while traveling, at home or online + travel blogs about my experiences learning German and learning Spanish

Learning languages as a traveler brings numerous benefits and can really enrich your travels. Firstly, it enhances communication and fosters meaningful interactions with locals, allowing you as a traveler to delve deeper into the culture and understand its nuances. It’s a great way to “travel like a local” when you actually learn languages for traveling.

Secondly, it opens doors to authentic experiences and hidden gems that may be otherwise inaccessible to monolingual tourists.

Learning a language also demonstrates respect for the local culture and people, fostering goodwill and creating opportunities for genuine connections. Want to make friends while traveling? Make an attempt at the local language.

Additionally, language skills can actually just make your trip that much safer. If you know and understand the local language, navigating an unfamiliar territory is going to be easier, making your travels more enjoyable and empowering. Though travel can and also is safe if you don’t speak the language, it’s just more so (and more convenient), if you do.

Ultimately, learning languages as a traveler enriches the journey, broadens horizons, and creates unforgettable memories.

Learn German

I’ve done German language courses at a handful of different schools in Berlin, as well as online and using apps. Here are some of my recommendations:

did Deutsch-Institut

Located in west Berlin, the did Deutsch-Institut came highly recommended – it’s not the cheapest language school in Berlin, but their program was really effective. I took a one-month course to start my German language studies. Read more about my experiences learning German here.

Berlin Volkshochschule

One of the most affordable options for learning German in Germany, the Volkshochschule are the community schools throughout every German city . You can find cheap German language courses and European citizens can even often receive credit and discounts for attending courses long-term.

Learn Spanish

Spanish is one of the world’s most beautiful languages and because of my passion for traveling throughout Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries (especially Spain), I’ve made a point to repeatedly study Spanish. Again, many of my initial studies were done online and through apps, but I’ve also taken the opportunity to study Spanish in Spain at the following two language schools.


I did a four week course with CLIC in their Seville language school. I stayed in their campus housing and spent my mornings studying the language – it was an incredible experience and being based in Seville for a month, I really got to discover the city’s beauty and history. Read more about my experience studying Spanish in Seville here.

Blogs about Language Learning

Since studying Spanish intermittently throughout my life, I’ve picked up enough basic phrases and words to get by in most Spanish-speaking countries. But when visiting Costa Rica this past winter in the heart of Central America, I suddenly found myself speechless. As I quickly learned, the Spanish they speak in Costa Rica is slightly different …

Read More about Costa Rica Words and Phrases to Know Before Visiting