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5 Lies about Travel Blogging

Everyone has a handful of tips and secrets to creating a successful travel blog – but what are the things they’re not actually telling you?

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The Real Reason I’m Self-Employed

It’s not some noble desire to be my own entrepreneur. Rather it’s a healthy mix of fear and worry and frustration with the state of the world. We’re a generation of scrappy fighters, forced to take on new challenges to live the life we always thought we’d have.


We’re All Fucked

Okay. So for a few days now there’s been all this talk of this Yelp/Eat24 staffer in San Francisco. She…

life is confusing

The Joy of Giving When Traveling

Why traveling is all about the act of giving and receiving – and why we need to make the joy of giving a part of our everyday lives

In Defense of Not Knowing

In Defense of Not Knowing

It’s human nature to want to know, to want to understand. But maybe we shouldn’t try to know everything all the time…