empty berlin apartment

I’m moving back to America. Here’s why…

I recently announced that I’m leaving Berlin and moving to NYC after six plus years living in Europe. Yes, it’s a bit crazy. Yes, it may seem like the *wrong* time to make a change like this. Yes, it’s a BIG change. But it’s my choice and here’s why…

phoenix hotel pool

A Gay Guy’s Weekend Guide to Phoenix

Phoenix is surprisingly cool for a conservative state and it’s the city’s hot weather, art history and young nightlife that make it a fun and gay place great for a weekend trip

Road Tripping in Texas: Dallas, Houston and Austin https://travelsofadam.com/2016/12/texas-road-trip/

14 Reasons to Love Texas

It’s my home state, my background, my culture. Like so many people from Texas, the state’s identity flows through me…

Washington D.C. for Beginners & First Time Visitors - The Highlights - https://travelsofadam.com/2017/03/washington-dc-first-time-visitors/

Now is the Time to Visit the USA

Regardless of politics, this is the right time to still visit the United States — and Washington, D.C. with its superlatives is the best place to start

48 Hours in Alexandria, VA - Travels of Adam - https://travelsofadam.com/2017/03/48-hours-alexandria-virginia/

48 Hours in Alexandria, VA

The port city of Alexandria is less than thirty minutes away from Washington, D.C., but this Virginia town seems timeless,…