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Travel blogs, travel photos and features from one of Florida’s best cities: Miami

Miami Travel

Miami Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Miami

This coastal city in southern Florida, known for its Art Deco architecture, laid-back lifestyle and Caribbean influence is an excellent place to visit with loads of green spaces, beautiful beaches and of course, great food! Start here with my basic Miami travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Miami travel blogs.

When to Visit

Miami, with its subtropical climate, is a year round destination, but probably the best time to visit is March to May when the sun is out consistently and the temperatures are not already too high. If you come in the summer months, it will be hotter and there’s more chance of wet weather, but prices are likely to be a little lower, as this is a less popular time to visit.

There are plenty of events happening all year to plan a visit around in Miami, such as Miami Beach Gay Pride in April, Fashion Week in May, Carnival in October and the International Book Fair in November.

Best Things To Do

Pick a beach Miami has dozens of gorgeous beaches stretching for miles through and beyond the city. From the famous Ocean Drive, to the lesser known beaches of Surfside, Key Biscayne and 12th Street Beach (the city’s gay beach!), you can’t really go wrong picking any of them to spend an afternoon lounging on the sand or watching the sunset.

Visit the Bass Museum of Art This art museum puts on exhibitions from working and established contemporary artists from all over the globe and has an impressive permanent collection of classic art from as far back as the 7th century from Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Have a spa day – The city has a lot of spas and locals really like to use them! A very typical Miami experience is to spend a day luxuriating in one of the many opulent spas, maybe in a group of friends, as a couple or even alone (you know you deserve it!) and being pampered.

Miami Tours

Miami has such a rich and varied history, renowned Art Deco architecture and a vibrant cultural heritage, it’s worth exploring by tour as you’ll be able to get to see sides of the city you probably wouldn’t find by yourself. Check out this selection of recommended Miami tours below.

LGBTQ – Gay Miami Travel Guide

Miami is easily the most gay-friendly city in Florida, and its proportion of gay life compared to its size is comparable to London, Sydney or even Berlin! Here are some highlights you should know about gay Miami.

Wynwood – One of Miami’s gayborhoods, Wynwood, formerly a district full of abandoned warehouses, is now full of art, hipsters and beautiful people, mostly gay men. Come to check out the edgy, independent art galleries, grab a coffee at one of the many hipster cafés and enjoy the eye candy!

World Erotic Art Museum  Though not specifically queer, this fun museum gives a fascinating look at erotic art from around the world including sculptures, drawings, paintings, and photographs.

Pride  Properly known as Miami Beach Gay Pride, this fantastic street party takes place every April and takes over a huge swathe of beach with more than 100 booths of LGBTQ organizations and businesses, DJs, live music events and more.

More gay travel resources here.

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