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Egypt Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see when traveling in Egypt

When I first visited Egypt, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, there were going to be pyramids, papyrus and a lot of sand, but other than that I just didn’t know much about present-day modern Egypt. And then I arrived in Cairo to a bustling city full of street life, markets, museums and an amazing history.

When to Visit

Egypt is a very hot country. In the summertime, the weather can be unbearably hot during the day so many people end up staying out late during summer evenings to spend time outside. Parks in Cairo are a popular spot at sunset and in the evening. During the day, of course you can still be outside—just make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen! Bearing this in mind, remember that if you’re in the desert (along the Nile Delta region), evenings can drop to very cool temperatures and a light jacket or sweatshirt is recommended. In the Sinai peninsula, weather is quite temperate year-round with many people spending winter vacations in Egypt hotspots like Dahab (for backpackers) or Sharm el Sheikh (more luxury and family trips).

Egypt Tours & Trips

My recommendation for visiting Egypt would be a one week trip starting in Cairo, with a day trip up north to Alexandria on the Mediterranean Coast (to see the amazing Alexandria Library), and then a multi-day tour down south along the Nile River delta. I also highly recommend taking an overnight tour to Abu Simbel in the far south—it’s one of Egypt’s most impressive monuments.

LGBT – Gay Egypt Guide

Egypt is not the safest destination for LGBT tourists, but that doesn’t mean it should be totally avoided. I suggest checking your local government’s travel recommendations for LGBT safety before visiting.

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