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empty berlin apartment

I’m moving back to America. Here’s why…

I recently announced that I’m leaving Berlin and moving to NYC after six plus years living in Europe. Yes, it’s a bit crazy. Yes, it may seem like the *wrong* time to make a change like this. Yes, it’s a BIG change. But it’s my choice and here’s why…


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Who is Adam?

Travels of Adam - BlogI’ve worked as a bookseller, graphic designer, publisher, marketer, and writer—but it was a 15-month trip around the world which brought it all together into this blog. I’ve lived in Berlin, Tel Aviv, London, Sydney, Boston, and Dallas. Since early 2018, I live in New York City at the center of the world.

On this travel blog, you’ll find my gay stories, nightlife tips, photos, and all-too-personal essays from my adventures around the world. Read how Iceland changed my life and set me on a path as a professional travel blogger.

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Where's he going?

Winter 2017/2018
• 5-week travel adventure around India
• Two weeks in Switzerland (and a little bit of France): Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Chamonix, & more

Spring 2018
• Home in New York City (…and looking for an apartment!)
• 7 days in the U.K. (London, Brighton, and the New Forest)
• Weekend in Philadelphia

Summer 2018
• Puerto Vallarta for my first time!
• Philadelphia to research a new Hipster City Guide
• Short trips & city breaks around the USA including road trips in Texas, California & more

Fall 2018
• Speaking at the TravelCon in Austin (Sept. 20-22)
• Visiting friends in Berlin and on assignment for a guidebook update
• Amsterdam Dance Event in Amsterdam (Oct 17-21)

Gay Trips 2018 – Queer Prides, Festivals I’ll be at…
• Puerto Vallarta Pride, May 24
• NYC Pride, June 24
Paris Gay Games, August 4-12
• Montreal Pride, August 19

Tweet me @travelsofadam and send me some recommendations of where else to visit in 2018!

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