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Chefchaouen Waterfall (Morocco)

Morocco Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Morocco

One of North Africa’s most mysterious countries, Morocco, also known as the “place where the sun sets” is full of ancient traditions, great food and stunning scenery making it the perfect place for a city break, or an outdoorsy adventure. Start here with my basic Morocco travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Morocco travel blogs.

When to Visit

With a climate that is roughly similar to California, Morocco is actually good to visit at most times of the year. An important religious celebration to keep in mind when planning a trip to Morocco is Ramadan.

Ramadan takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (usually some time between April and June) and is observed in Muslim countries around the world and means a time of fasting during daylight hours. This means that if you visit Morocco during Ramadan, it will be difficult to find places to eat while the sun’s up!

Top Things to See

Beaches of Essaouira – Beach bums and surfers alike will love the beaches around Essaouira in central southern Morocco for their laid-back vibe and cheap seafood options.

Souks of Marrakech – Though they can be somewhat overwhelming, a trip to Morocco should definitely include a visit to a traditional souk in Marrakech, of which Djemaa-el-Fnaa is definitely the most famous. These are great places to try out your haggling skills as well as find some unusual souvenirs from Morocco.

Dunes of the Sahara – From several of the major cities such as Fes and Marrakech you can take multi-day trips out to the Sahara desert to experience what life out among the dunes is like. Try to time your visit with a new moon so that you can get the best view of the night sky full of stars, far away from the light of the cities!

Morocco Tours

Taking the time to go on a tour in Morocco, either in one of the cities to get to know a bit more about its history, or out in the wilderness of the Sahara, can be a very rewarding experience.

LGBTQ – Gay Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is a tricky country when it comes to equality for LGBT people. Homosexual activity is illegal and can be punished by up to 3 years imprisonment, though this law is not consistently enforced.

There is no gay nightlife equivalent to what you’d expect to find in most European or North American cities, though you will of course will be able to meet gay people in Morocco if you look for them. Of course, whether or not you choose to remain in the closet while traveling in Morocco is up to you, discretion is advisable.

More gay travel resources here.

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Morocco Travel Blogs

Chefchaouen, Morocco is in the north of Morocco and is probably most famous for its beautifully vibrant blue medina (or city center). The Morocco Lonely Planet also said the city is famous for a beautiful Chefchaouen waterfall (pictured above). Unfortunately while I was there the waterfall was a bit of a joke with hardly any …

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