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Prague Travel Guide -

Czech Republic Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in the Czech Republic

This European country landlocked between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria is in many ways very typical of central Europe in terms of its architecture, food, culture and history, but it also has a lot about it that is unique.

Aside from Prague, there are a few other cities, but otherwise its a pretty rural country. Nonetheless, it has a lot of cool stuff going on and a visit won’t disappoint. Start here with my basic Czech Republic travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Czech Republic travel blogs.

When to Visit

Like much of central Europe, Czech Republic has mild springs, hot summers, colorful falls and bitterly cold winters. To experience the beautiful nature that rural Czech Republic has to offer, summer is no doubt the best time to visit, but in the cities, you’ll find cool things to do all year round.

Best Cities to Visit

Outside of Prague, the largest and arguable, most interesting city in the Czech Republic, there are several other cool places to visit. Here are some of the best.

Česky Krumlov – A medieval town in southern Czech Republic close to the border with Austria, this place is straight out of a fairy tale, with winding cobbled streets, colorful houses and even its very own castle. Plenty of people visit here as a day trip from Prague, so it can get busy in the day, but staying overnight, you’ll get the place much more to yourself.

Plžen – Home of the famous Pilsner beer, this cool city has several unusual highlights, for example it’s the location of the second largest synagogue in Europe after Budapest! Since it was European Capital of Culture in 2015, there are plenty of other cool things to see and do now in the city.

Brno – The Czech Republic’s second city, Brno is about as hipster as a city can be! With loads of quirky stuff to see and do, tons of cool cafés, hidden bars, underground bunkers and a budding art scene, it’s a worthwhile addition to any trip to the Czech Republic.

Throughout the Czech Republic, there are also lots of scenic destinations to visit, including ski resorts, and even many Czech castles worth visiting!

Czech Republic Tours

Since the Czech Republic is a relatively small country (it’s smaller than South Carolina), staying in Prague and taking day trips to other parts of the country is entirely feasible. Take a look at some of these Czech Republic tours to visit some of its lesser known corners.

LGBTQ – Gay Czech Republic Travel Guide

Although it’s a very secular country, the Czech Republic isn’t necessarily the easiest place to be gay in Europe. Nonetheless, there are some pockets of LGBT life, and here are some of the best gay things, outside of Prague, that you should know about.

Mezipatra Queer Film FestivalTaking place in Prague and Brno every November, this alternative film festival showcases around 100 new films on LGBTQ+ themes as well as hosting exhibitions, lectures, workshops, discussions and parties is a great event to take part in if your visit to the Czech Republic is at the right time.

Dark Cat, Brno – This alternative sex shop specialises in fetish wear, and while isn’t specifically an LGBT business, it is certainly very gay friendly. They have everything you could need for a dirty weekend in Brno!

Club Miša, Plžen – With a very reasonable cover charge and a program of regular parties including a monthly naked party, this straight-friendly gay and lesbian club is the only one in Plžen and serves as a meeting point for the surprisingly active local community.

More gay travel resources here.

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