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Travel blogs, travel photos and features from Germany — the land of beer & wurst

Germany Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see when traveling in Germany (the land of beer and wurst!) – only from Travels of Adam

Germany is one of Europe’s best destinations for tourists thanks to an incredible history for thousands of years, amazing culture, food and art, but also a dynamic and particular spirit. The country is at the top of many political headlines from recent years thanks to an open-minded perspective on global and European politics—only further emphasized by the contemporary culture of the capital Berlin. But from the incredible natural beauty from southern Germany in Bavaria and Baden Württemberg to the coastal towns on the North Sea and the castles throughout, Germany has so many of the world’s best tourist sites and things to do making it a world-class, year-round destination. Start here with my basic Germany travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Germany travel blogs.

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Popular Germany Travel Blogs

When to Visit

Germany is a great summer destination—especially considering the amount of music festivals and other events taking place across the country each summer. Wine trails and river cruises are also especially popular in the bridge seasons of Spring and Autumn. The German cities, of course, are great places to visit year-round because the food, culture, art and nightlife never really ends.

If your visit makes you want to stay, check out my friend Nicole’s ebook on how to get a visa for Germany. She knows her stuff way better than me!

Germany Tours & Trips

Germany is best visited on a multi-day tour where you can take in a few different cities. The cultural differences vary greatly between the different regions of Germany. If you’re looking for that “authentic” Germany experience of big beer halls, sausages and traditional clothing, visit Bavaria (and make sure to take a day trip to one of Germany’s many castles). Afterward, head somewhere in the north such as Hamburg or Berlin for more contemporary culture with incredible nightlife, new culinary scenes and emerging artists.

LGBT – Gay Germany Guide

Germany, as it turns out, is a great destination for gay and lesbian travelers. According to a recent study from Berlin’s Dalia Research GmbH, Germany has the largest LGBT population in Europe—estimated at 7.4%. This despite the lack of federal recognition for full same-sex marriage. Germany is still relatively progressive with its LGBT equality laws, offering same-sex adoption, civil unions (lebenspartnerschaft), and the legal right to change gender.

Some of the gay Germany hotspots include Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg. Look out for pride events (called CSD or Christopher Street Day in Germany) and alternative queer events such as the pink Christmas markets each December in Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne or LGBT music festivals like Yo! Sissy in Berlin.

Germany Hotel Deals

Germany has plenty of cool hotels and hostels worth checking out, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are loads of great campsites and more rural places to stay too. In the cities, though, I’ve found using, or Hotels Combined can be useful for finding last-minute deals.

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Germany Travel Blogs

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