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Travel blogs and photos from Argentina

Jujuy, Argentina -

Argentina Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the best things to do and see in Argentina

The second biggest country in South America, Argentina covers a huge area and spans every climactic region on Earth, meaning it really has something of everything! Start here with my basic Argentina travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest Argentina travel blogs.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Argentina will depend greatly on which regions of the country you’re planning to visit. If you’re going to Patagonia in the south, summer (December to February) is no doubt the best time to be able to enjoy the outdoors, when temperatures are warmest and there is the least snow, though at this same time, the capital, Buenos Aires, can be extremely hot and humid, and the north can be almost unbearably hot.

If you’re interested in catching the wine harvest in parts of the country such as Mendoza and San Juan (in the west, close to the border with Chile), then fall (March and April) is the ideal time to visit. In winter months (June to August), you’ll get reliable skiing weather in the Andean resorts, but the capital will likely be cool and grey.

Top Things To Do

Learn tango in Buenos Aires – The home of the most romantic dance, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to learn to tango. There are countless places to do it, some more touristy than others, and many concentrated in the San Telmo neighborhood (the historical birthplace of the dance), and there are even queer tango places, where same sex couples or those who wish to try non-traditional gender rolls can come.

Visit the Salinas Grandes – In the north of the country, the largest salt flats in Argentina are a sight to behold! Come armed for taking selfies and all the silly forced perspective pictures you can manage! You can easily visit as a day trip from Córdoba and you’ll find plenty of roadside vendors selling salt-figurines alongside empanadas!

Get soaked at Iguazú Falls – The largest waterfall in the whole world sits right on the border between Argentina and Brazil, but most people visit from the Argentinian side. There are several ways to experience the falls, from walking along a series of catwalks that take you pretty close to the water, but the best way is to take a boat trip right up to the falls…where you’ll get completely soaked from the spray of these immensely powerful falls!

Argentina Tours

With such a diverse landscape and so many cool cities to explore, Argentina is the perfect place to take a tour, which will no doubt save you time and money, as well as get you out to some areas of the country you might otherwise miss. Take a look at this selection of Argentina tours.

LGBTQ – Gay Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina is a very progressive country when it comes to LGBT issues. It was the first in the continent to introduce marriage equality and the capital, Buenos Aires, is a gay mecca, famous for its party scene throughout South America. But here are some other cool cities that are very gay-friendly in Argentina.

Córdoba – Argentina’s second city, Córdoba has a large student population and a big gay scene with several nice gay bars, parties and gay-friendly hotels.

Mar del Plata – Perhaps the country’s most popular beach town, Mar del Plata is a relatively large city on the Atlantic coast not far from Buenos Aires. There are two popular gay beaches in town, Playa Chica and Playa Escondida, with the latter also happening to be a nude beach.

Mendoza – Home to Argentina’s largest LGBTQ festival (other than pride events), Mendoza’s Vendimia festival is a week long music and dance festival open to everyone. When you’re not out exploring the nearby vineyards that Mendoza is famous for, there are several gay bars in town worth visiting, including Queen Disco and Estacion Miro.

More gay travel resources here.

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Argentina Travel Blogs

Earlier this year I visited Argentina for the first time. Visiting the northern areas of the country, I found myself taking selfie after selfie as I drove through the mountains, deserts and—eventually—the Argentina salt flats, the Salinas Grandes. The Salinas Grandes are leftover from a dried out lake high up in the mountains of north-central Argentina. …

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