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Europe Travel Guide

The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see when traveling in Europe – only from Travels of Adam

Europe is one of the most dynamic and interesting places to visit in the world—from the picturesque villages of southern Spain to the arctic villages in Scandinavia. Europe’s charms lie not just in the big metropolis cities but also in the small-town villages, the nature trails, the ski resorts and the Mediterranean beaches. There’s truly something for every type of traveler and in every season, too. Whether it’s Europe’s best gay cities or travel tips for Europe’s secret hotspots, get the juiciest and coolest tips here. Start here with my basic travel tips, or jump down below to read the latest travel blogs from Europe.

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When to Visit

naples italyCulture. History. Food. Cities. Nature. Europe’s got it all! Plan your visit to Europe based on your own interests—there’s going to be something in Europe in every season. Of course, in summertime, expect lots of crowds and tourists, especially in European hotspots like Italy, France and Greece. In the winter, you’ll find southern Europe surprisingly easy to travel and with far fewer crowds. And the weather should be surprisingly comfortable, too! Northern Europe is especially nice in the summertime; that’s a great time to visit places like Iceland, Norway or Sweden because of the “midnight sun” but wintertime (if you enjoy the cold weather) will see cheap deals on hotels, rental cars and other offers because it’s low season. And there’s something charming about the all-day darkness, too—plus there’s the Aurora Borealis.

Basically: visit Europe anytime. There’s always going to be something great to see or do. And the museums (some of the best in the world) never close…

Two Weeks in Europe

Sleeping on TrainsPlanning a dream Eurotrip? There are countless ways to plan a trip, but the first step is choosing a starting point and an ending point—usually dictated by your flight plans in and out of Europe. Once you know your starting city and final destination, you can connect the dots pretty easily. Here are few suggested two-week itineraries for Europe: (Note: these are easily done via train travel

  • London – Paris – Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin: Plan to stay longer in London, Paris and Berlin, with short stopovers for one or two days in Brussels and Amsterdam. But be careful in Berlin; you might never want to leave!
  • Madrid – Barcelona – Nice – Florence – Rome: Spain is one of Europe’s best destinations for travelers (and one of the most gay-friendly, too!) so you might find it challenging to leave. Madrid and Barcelona are both world-class cities, but make your way from Spain to Italy and you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to pack some sunscreen and schedule plenty of time to relax on the beaches!

LGBT – Gay Europe Guide

Europe as a whole is one of the most liberal and LGBT-friendly destinations. Each country has their own specific laws and societies, however, so it is important to know a little bit about local, country-specific safety before traveling in Europe.

Any Lonely Planet guidebook or other will include basic LGBT travel safety tips and recommendations for each destination, but if you’re looking for gay travel tips for each city or country, it can be more useful to check this website or other LGBT-specific travel resources. Make sure to check out my list of Europe’s Top 10 Most LGBT-Friendly Cities for my favorite bars, clubs and queer events in Europe.

Hotel Deals

You can find all kinds of accommodation across Europe, from budget hostel rooms to luxurious hotels fit for a king! I’ve always found that using, or Hotels Combined I get the best deals especially for last-minute trips.

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