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Note: demographic information was last updated in 2021 but is still an accurate reflection of the Travels of Adam audience. Website traffic is targeted for search visitors looking for LGBTQ travel and lifestyle topics including: living in NYC, dating, Brooklyn, hipster aesthetics, home decorating, fashion and, of course, travel tips and travel guides. All new content is still syndicated across RSS and select social media channels. Adam Groffman is a full-time SEO with experience in content growth strategy and moderates niche communities related to Gay Travel for both Reddit and Facebook.

2024 Travel Blog Media Kit

Travels of Adam showcases a fresh way to travel by featuring unique and personal stories from around the world, including a popular series of Hipster City Guides. The top-rated website strives to be a voice for this new generation of travelers: modern, open-minded millennials with a strong interest in city destinations, alternative tourism, and creative ideas.

For the queer, the stylish, the straight, the millennials. We travel to see, to learn, to do and to think. We travel both far and near. We travel with an open mind, an eagerness to discover the world we live in. We travel with a desire to get lost and maybe to find something in the process. We travel to meet new people—fellow travelers and locals alike—who can introduce us to new ideas, new things, new adventures. We travel with respect, compassion, and understanding for others.

In 2021, the site received over 125k unique visitors (over 200k pageviews) per month from 160+ countries with over 100,000 social media followers and 13,000+ email subscribers. Readers are modern, open-minded, socially responsible individuals (millennials) with a very strong interest in city destinations. While the site still receives premium traffic

SATW 2017 - Travel Journalism Award

In 2018, Travels of Adam was awarded Silver Prize for “Best Travel Blog” from the North American Travel Journalists Association. In 2017, Travels of Adam was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Online Travel Series by the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) for a series of Hipster City Guides. The website was also awarded the Lowell Thomas silver prize for Best Travel Blog by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation (SATWF).

2016 Gold Award Winner - North American Travel Journalists Association

In 2016, Travels of Adam was named one of the 10 best websites for 2016 (2016, Wirtschafts Woche), one of the 7 best travelers to follow on Instagram (2014, Yahoo! Travel), was a finalist for the Best LGBT Blog (2013, Bloggies Award) and syndicates select content to additional news sites. Adam’s popular series of hipster city guides are globally recognized as a top resource for “hipster holidays” (2015, World Travel Market study). More awards and accolades are outlined in the media kit.

The website has been featured in The Guardian, Metro Newspapers (UK, USA), AFAR, Buzzfeed, The Scotsman, Wired Magazine Germany, YNet News, Men’s Health Magazine, Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan Slovenia, ELLE España, Conde Nast Traveller España, The Huffington Post and Die Berliner Zeitung among many others.

The website is consistently ranked among the top 20 travel blogs by numerous online sources and is often a featured source of information on the travel industry, specifically “hipster travel.” With exposure and advertising on, it’s possible to reach a highly commercial demographic. Readers regularly use the site as a source for useful, interesting and inspirational travel information. Readers have purchased tours, visited recommended websites & changed travel itineraries based on recommendations published on this website and corresponding social media.

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About Adam

Adam Groffman - Travels of Adam

While you can find a lot more information about Adam on the About Travels of Adam page, here’s the gist: Adam quit his corporate job in Boston as a graphic designer for a major international book publisher in 2010. For the next 15 months, he traveled around the world, visiting Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. He lived in Berlin, Germany from 2011 to 2018 and moved to Brooklyn, NY in mid-2018 where he lives today.

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