Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Flamingos, whales and profanity—oh my!

Today. Down by the river. In Sevilla. I stumbled across blocks and blocks of pretty amazing graffiti. Check out some of the photos. This isn’t the typical graffiti that you normally find in cities.

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

Graffiti down by the river in Sevilla

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  3. Jen

    Great shots! I love seeing awesome graffiti!

  4. Adam

    Thanks Suzy! It's great to find art in unexpected places.

  5. Adam

    Thanks for commenting Erica! Banksy is ALL over London. I remember coming across some interesting stuff there, too.

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  7. This is one of my favorite things to do when abroad – but I'm slightly obsessed with graff art. I got to see Obey and Banksy around London and it made my trip. :)

    These are beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Adam

    Thanks Al! I should get you to do all the research for me. I just came across some more “painterly” graffiti here in Cadiz. Must be some sort of new graffiti trend.

  9. Adam

    Hi Nancy! It does look like him, doesn't it?

  10. alwyn

    The graffiti along the river in Sevilla is some of the best in the world as it combines traditional tagging and painting techniques associated with the movement which started in New York with more painterly images. Great shots Adan and nice commentary to boot. You are doing it right my friend—keep the interesting posts coming…

  11. suzyguese

    What a great outdoor art “museum” to stumble across. Excellent photos.

  12. ShannonOD

    I actually continually lament over the past two months that I never had my
    camera on me in Xela, Guatemala – there was some great graffiti, but the
    city wasn't really safe so I always forgot to carry it on me! Other than
    that, Italy has some neat anti-fascist graffiti :-)

  13. Nancy

    Love the graffiti artist in training…lots of personal messages on these boards. Could that be Obama with a military Helmet?

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  15. Adam

    There are so many sides to a city and it's usually so hard to find them in a short period of time. I loved finding this and hope I come across more as I get to more places.

    Any graffiti sightings stand out in your travels?

  16. Adam

    Thanks Jessica! It does look like Obama, doesn't it? I thought it was interesting that the eyes were cut off because that's usually what makes a face so dynamic.

    Also, I totally thought of you when I saw the flamingos. It reminded me of Florida.

  17. Adam

    Yeah, I'd heard there was some good graffiti in Sevilla before I found this, but I didn't expect it to be nearly as good as it was.

  18. ShannonOD

    Fantastic shots – my fav is the flamingos – so pretty! It's also one of my favorite parts of exploring a new city, to find the street or series of streets where the locals express themselves!

  19. Jessica Chase

    Those are beautiful! The second to last one looks like it could be Obama's face, or am I just seeing things? Thanks for continuing to share the world with us. We miss you in Boston. BTW, I went to Brooklyn this past weekend and, of course, thought of you. I could definitely see you there when (or if) you return to the US!!

  20. I love good graffiti! Quito Ecuador also has some good stuff, but this is great!!

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