Beautiful Switzerland - Photos

Switzerland isn’t just beautiful—it’s actually outrageously so.

I guess it’s what I always expected. Switzerland, with its glacial lakes, the Alps and all the nature, it’s all very stunning. This past weekend, visiting Lausanne in the French-speaking western half of Switzerland, wasn’t my first time in Switzerland. I’d been once before on a Eurotrip, traveling through on a train from Germany to Italy. I still remember the Instagram photos. Vast landscapes, mountains piercing the clouds and deep, deep valleys.

When I returned to Switzerland this weekend, for a peaceful getaway to Lausanne, I was expecting more of the same. Lausanne is situated along Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman), just a 30-minute train ride away from Geneva. And the lakeside city is just as pretty as expected. The river Flon runs through the city (under it, really), which has created several valleys, or gorges, throughout the city. Walking through the picturesque city center, you’re constantly moving up and down among different hills and valleys. This elevation from the lake down below provides expansive panoramic views out over Switzerland, and into France across the lake.

This kind of natural beauty in Switzerland is calming and cool. Despite the famous red color and cross of the Swiss flag, the only color that comes to mind for Switzerland is honestly and truly blue. The sky seems to be a constant shade of blue: bold and beautiful when the sun is out, and gloomy & grey under the clouds. The water, so fresh and readily available in the country, runs clear and reflects the blues in the sky. The glacial lakes shimmer. This country is blue. And it’s beautiful.

Switzerland Alps
Looking out at the Alps in Switzerland
Café du Grütli - Lausanne
Appetizers (dried beef) at Restaurant Grütli in Lausanne, a typical Swiss restaurant and café
Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne is one of the world’s smallest cities that has its own metro system — the subway makes it easier to get around all the different elevations from the lakeside at Ouchy to the more mountainous regions
Lausanne Hotel
The view in Switzerland #hotellife
Fine Dining in Lausanne
Mussels for lunch at Brasserie de Montbenon — a beautiful restaurant located in the Montbenon gardens
Olympic Museum - Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne is the Olympic capital city, home of the International Olympic Committee. The Olympic Museum features exhibitions related to the history and future of the Olympics
Lac Léman (Lake Geneva)
Dark and stormy waters, looking out over Lac Léman toward France
Lausanne Switzerland – the 4th largest city in Switzerland
Lausanne Switzerland – the 4th largest city in Switzerland
Beautiful Switzerland
Switzerland <3
Beautiful Switzerland
On the water with CGN Cruises, Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)
Touring Lac Léman on a boat ride from Lausanne
Switzerland Village
A village town in Switzerland
Lavaux Express Train
The Lavaux Express Train takes you on a 90-minute ride through the UNESCO World Heritage vineyards
Road tripping outside Lausanne, Switzerland
Swiss village
The Switzerland countryside
Lavaux Vineyards - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Touring the Lavaux Vineyards
Lavaux Vineyards - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Touring the Lavaux Vineyards
Lavaux Vineyards - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Touring the Lavaux Vineyards — famous for their location along the cliffs by Lake Geneva
Lavaux Vineyards - UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Lavaux Vineyards – a UNESCO World Heritage Site (more info on the UNESCO website)
Beautiful Switzerland
In Cully, Switzerland — on the way to the Lavaux Vineyards
Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)
Paddle boarding on Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) near Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland – Place de la Palud

My most recent visit to Switzerland was made possible with the support of Lausanne Tourism.

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    Amazing blog! I am one travel lover and i want to explore all over the world. Would you like to join me? Anyone? It’s free!

  3. Hi Adam,
    what camera do you use for your travel photography? Maybe you write a post sharing what’s in your bag?

    • Thanks Piotr – usually I shoot with my Canon T3i or just my iPhone!

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    Excellent, Excellent photos here. All photographs are excellent. But I link most (In Cully, Switzerland — on the way to the Lavaux Vineyards) this image.

  5. Nice and beautiful photos .These all are taken by you ?

  6. Matt from Vt

    Wow, super pics Adam..Switzerland is on my must see brother has been there a few times and wants to move over..haha.. expensive I’ve heard but hey for all that beauty.. Glorious, hope your having an awesome time..hugs Adam.. be safe..Matt

  7. I have a Swiss friend and she’s a Lausanne local! She showed me some photos of her hometown and I was impressed with them, but your photos are even more beautiful. Thanks a lot, and I envy you, Adam!

    • Aww thanks Kozue. Lausanne really is very pretty! Great if you’re looking for something scenic, but also with a bit of a city feeling.

  8. It really is beautiful. I haven’t been there in years but hope to go back soon.

    Leonie ♥

    • Hi Leonie! This was my first time to visit rather than just a pass-through, and it was so beautiful. Already hoping I can visit again either in the winter (brrrr!) or next summer!

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