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October is the Absolute Best Month for Dating, Here’s Why

Okay, this might be a really niche opinion. But as a guy who goes on a lot of dates (especially recently), there’s something really special about dating in October.

The weather and the change of season into fall/autumn, and the fact that it’s officially “cuffing season,” means October is one of the best times to find romance.

In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it.

October is the best month for dating. Sure, maybe that’s subjective and, yes, dating in the springtime and summer has its own special perks, but if you’re going on dates in October, there are a lot of great benefits.

View of NYC in Autumn from Brooklyn Promenade
The Brooklyn Promenade is an especially pretty spot for an outdoor date idea in NYC

6 Reasons Why October is the Best Month for Dating

1. The Pleasant Weather

In many parts of the world, October brings cooler temperatures and colorful foliage, making it a comfortable and picturesque time for outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, or late-night walks through parks.

The comfortable weather undeniably creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere for dates. Plus, you get a bunch more fashion styles to try out—oversized sweaters, assorted types of pants, hats, gloves, and other accessories can help really set yourself apart while going on dates.

2. So Many Fall Festivities

October is associated with various fall festivals, fairs, and events, such as pumpkin picking, apple orchard visits, and Halloween-themed parties. These activities can provide fun and creative date ideas, fostering a sense of excitement and adventure.

3. Pumpkin Spice! (and other seasonal food & drinks)

Fall brings a bounty of delicious seasonal foods and beverages, such as pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and hearty comfort foods.

Sharing these seasonal treats with a date is a great way to level up your dating game.

4. Halloween is the Sexiest Holiday

Many people enjoy celebrating Halloween in October, and this holiday provides an opportunity for creative costume ideas and themed parties. Depending upon what your group of friends look like, Halloween parties are also a great time to find a hookup or bring a sexy date.

It’s a chance to have fun and enjoy playful dates while getting into the spirit of the fall and autumn season.

5. Romantic Lighting & Ambiance

The changing leaves, the scent of autumn, and the shorter days can create a romantic ambiance that some people find particularly appealing. The natural beauty of the autumn season makes for memorable and picturesque dates.

And in NYC, many of the city’s best rooftop bars are still open in October and with the natural romantic seasonal lighting, those are some of the best bars for dates in the city.

6. It’s Cuffing Season, Baby!

All of my friends have strong opinions and beliefs on the concept of “cuffing season.” That’s the idea that as the weather gets colder, singles are more inclined to seek out romantic partnesr to cozy up with during the winter months.

This perception and the race to find a “winter boyfriend” mean that everyone (especially in New York City) is going out on dates in October—the beginning of cuffing season.

It’s important to note that the best month for dating can vary greatly from person to person. What matters most is finding a time that aligns with your preferences and the interests of your potential partner. Additionally, factors such as location, cultural traditions, and personal experiences can also influence the perception of the best month for dating.