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Brooklyn’s Gen X Bar Scene: Where Generation X Still Hangs Out

Generation X played a pivotal role in shaping Brooklyn into the hipster haven it is today. Born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s, members of Generation X witnessed the transformation of Brooklyn from a gritty, industrial borough to a cultural and artistic epicenter. Their influence can be seen in the enduring character of Brooklyn’s nightlife, where a few iconic bars and clubs continue to attract both Gen X singles and couples.

Brooklyn in the late 20th century was a far cry from the trendy borough it is today. The decay of industry had left large swaths of the borough abandoned, creating an affordable haven for struggling artists and musicians. Gen Xers were among the first to recognize the potential of these neglected neighborhoods, such as Williamsburg, DUMBO, and Greenpoint, as places to foster creativity and build vibrant communities.

As they settled into these neighborhoods, Gen Xers established art galleries, music venues, and underground bars, many of which still thrive today. These pioneers helped establish the indie music scene that Brooklyn is known for, with local bands and musicians gaining recognition on a national scale. The DIY ethos of Gen X played a significant role in fostering this creative culture, where anything was possible with a little grit and determination.

Several standout bars and clubs from this era have become cultural landmarks. Places like Union Pool, which combines a relaxed atmosphere with live music and a spacious outdoor area, still draw Gen Xers looking for a laid-back night out, though it also gets a healthy mix of young Generation Z kids on weekend nights.

The Knitting Factory, originally located in Manhattan, moved to Williamsburg in the late ’90s and has remained a hub for indie music lovers ever since. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Bowl is a fusion of a bowling alley, concert venue, and restaurant, offering a unique entertainment experience that appeals to a wide range of ages. See below for my other favorites.

While new bars and clubs continually pop up in Brooklyn, these enduring establishments continue to serve as nostalgic landmarks and gathering spots for Gen Xers who remember the borough’s transformation firsthand. Their contributions to Brooklyn’s cultural landscape have left an indelible mark, and they remain an essential part of what makes Brooklyn the vibrant and diverse place it is today.

8 Best Bars in Brooklyn for Gen Xers

Brooklyn has a vibrant bar scene that caters to various age groups, including Generation X. While preferences can vary, here are some bars in Brooklyn that are still popular among Generation X:

  1. Union Hall: Known for its relaxed atmosphere, Union Hall offers a cozy setting with a bar, indoor bocce ball, and a live music venue in the basement.
  2. Bar Tabac: This French-inspired bar in Cobble Hill offers a great selection of cocktails and a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  3. Bushwick Country Club: On Grand Street in Williamsburg, this is one of my favorite bars. They’re most famous for their pickleback shots (claiming it’s where they were invented) as well as their authentically vintage analog photo booth (photo automat).
  4. Skinny Dennis: Located in Williamsburg, this honky-tonk bar is famous for its live country music and a wide range of whiskey options.
  5. The Saint Catherine: A classic Brooklyn bar in Prospect Heights, it’s known for its craft beer selection and a laid-back vibe.
  6. Lucky Dog: A dive bar in Williamsburg with a dog-friendly policy, it’s a casual spot for a drink and conversation.
  7. The Bell House: This Gowanus venue hosts a variety of events, including live music, comedy shows, and dance parties, making it a great spot for Gen Xers to catch some entertainment.
  8. Freddy’s Bar: A long-standing institution in South Slope, Freddy’s offers a mix of live music, art events, and a diverse crowd. Great food, too!